The battle for Kiska. World War 2

Follows is a list of the members of the Rocky Mountain Rangers who are listed as having been involved in the invasion on Kiska Island in 1943.

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More units and additional staff took part in this invasion.


Aason, Alfred Bernard Pte.

Adoranti, Anzelrno J. L/Cpl.

Aizzier, Elmer Lewis Pte.

Alarie, Leo Pte.

Alcock, Philip George Pte.

Alessio, Dick Pte.

Alexander, David James Pte.

Allan, Robert Henry Sgt.

Allegretto, Oliver Pte.

Allin, William Ronald Pte.

Allworth, George Pte.

Amann, Sebastian Pte.

Anber, Nicholas L/Cpl.

Andersen, Lawrence Gorhart Pte.

Andreas, H.E. Sgt.

Andrewchuk, George Pte.

Archibald, Richard Evan Lieut.

Arduini, R. A/Cpl.

Armstrong, Gordon William Cpl.

Armstrong, William Robert Pte.

Arngrimson, Karl Allan L/Cpl.

Arsenault, J.R. Capt.

Ashby, Edgar Deighton Pte.

Ashton, Albert Alexander L/Cpl.

Ashton, Wesley Munro Pte.

Assmus, Gerhard Emil Pte.

Asztalos, John Joseph Pte.

Atkinson, Clinton St.EImo Pte.

Augustino, Albert Pte.

Babish, Louis Pte.

Babiuk, William Pte.

Bachmoir, Valentine John Pte.

Baird, J.A. L/Cpl.

Baker, William Robert Pte.

Balaberda, Nick Pte.

Balaski, Metro Mack Pte.

Balaski, Nicholas Frank Pte.

Bannow, Henry Gustave L/Cpl.

Baranoik, George Pte.

Barlow, Alec A/Sgt.

Barnaby, Ernest Joseph Pte.

Barr, Edmond James Short Capt.

Barrett, Walter Alexander Lieut.

Barsanti, Orlando Pte.

Barton, John Edward Pte.

Barton, William Elmer Pte.

Basaraba Pte.

Batdorf, Raymond Elwell Pte.

Baziuk, Harry Pte.

Beblow, Daniel Pte.

Beck, Joseph Benjamin Pte.

Beeton, Walter Roy Pte.

Befus, Victor Pte.

Beisiegel, R.P. Pte.

Bell, Norman Alfred Sigmn.

Benesh, Albert Ralph Pte.

Benko, Metro Pte.

Benner, Bruce Harry Cpl.

Bennetts, Thomas John Murray Cpl.

Bennie, Earl Nicholas Pte.

Benson, Leonard Reuben Pte.

Bergquist, Arvid Algot Pte.

Berlinger, John Pte.

Bernat, William Paul A/Cpl.

Bernstein, Gordon Pte.

Beros, John George Pte.

Berstad, Richard Peter Pte.

Bevan, Albert Edward Pte.

Bianchin, G. Pte.

Biberdorf, Albert Pte.

Bidal, Paul Fernand Pte.

Bikadi, Joseph Sgt.

Billings, Morton Edgar Pte.

Billis, Percy Leonard L/Cpl.

Birstad, Dan Pte.

Bjorndal, John Berton Pte.

Blades, Harry Ernest Sydney Major

Bloom, J.C. L/Cpl.

Bohachyk, Dan Pte.

Bohachyk, William Pte.

Boj, John Pte.

Bolland, Walter L/Cpl.

Bond, Hilton Samuel Pte.

Bondzuk, Norman Pte.

Bonogofski, Ole John Pte.

Bonokoski, Peter Jacob Pte.

Bordnarchuk, Sam Pte.

Boser, Frank Nicholas L/Cpl.

Bossio, John Joseph Pte.

Bowdler, William John Pte.

Bowles, John Albert C.S.M

Bracken, William Dyon A/Cpl.

Brehmer, MerI Kenneth Pte.

Brown, Angus Earl A/CSM

Brown, James Lumsden Pte.

Brown, William Charles Pte.

Bruhn, Otto Herman Pte.

Budnick, Nicholas Pte.

Budz, Fred Pte.

Bulin, Glen George Pte.