The battle for Kiska. World War 2

Follows is a list of the members of the Rocky Mountain Rangers who are listed as having been involved in the invasion on Kiska Island in 1943.

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More units and additional staff took part in this invasion.


Bumstead, Harold William Pte.


Burcsik, John David Pte.


Burden, Jason Vernon Pte.


Burnett, Alexander Pte.


Burns, Peter L/Cpl.


Burzush, Deszo Pte.


Buyer, Peter Nicholas Pte.


Buziak, Tliomas Pte.


Cain, John Ralph Pte.


Calvert, Jack Sgt.


Calvert, Philip Russell Sgt.


Camille, Michele Adam Pte.


CampbeII, John Robert Pte.


Carlson, John Stephen Pte.


Carolei, John Orlandino Pte.


Caron, Alphonse Pte.


Carrat, Ernest Francis Pte.


Carrington, Jack Ernest Pte.


Carter, Ernest Sgt.


Cartier, Alfred Pte.


Casavant, Roger Joseph Pte.


Casey, Dale Joseph Pte.


Cassidy, Thomas Harold Pte.


Cavazzi, Ivo A/Sgt.


Chemay, John Pte.


Chernaik, Peter Pte.


Chirka, Joseph Pte.


Chmelyk, Nick Pte.


Chomlak, Joseph Pte.


Chomyn, Nick Pte.


Chrunik, John Pte.


Churchill, Lloyd Richard Pte.


Ciocia, Antone Pte.


Clark, Thomas Edward Pte.


Clarridge, Robert Oliver Pte.


Clayton, Frederick L/Cpl.


Cocks, Barry Pte.


Colwill, Maurice William Pte.


Conjoika, Stanley Pte.


Connell, Ralph Edmond Pte.


Connolly, Frederick Arthur Pte.


Conway, Nornab Donglas Sigmn.


Cooknell, William Pte.


Cooney, William Gore Pte.


Cooper, Herbert John Pte.


Coppen, Sidney Percy Sigmn.


Cossarini, Lugi Pte.


Costanzo, Ceazar L/Sgt.


Cote, Vernon Phillip Pte.


Coulombe, Harvey Theodore L/Cpl.


Crape, Arthur Pte.


Creighton, Victor James Pte.


Cresine, Campbell McWilliams Pte.


Cro, Charles MacKenzie Sgt.


Crockett, Clarence Kenneth Sgt.


Cruikshank, George Robert Pte.


Crundall, John L/Cpl.


Cummings, Lloyd Arthur Sgt.


Cwikula, John Pte.


Cybulskie, Edmund Bernard L/Cpl.


Cynningham, James Frederick Sigmn.


David, P. Pte.


Davidson, D.D. H/Captain


Davies, Herbert Edward Pte.


Dawson, M.C., N.C. Major


Day, A.A. L/Sgt.


Debnam, Edward Hortie Pte.


DeFrancisco, Joseph William Pte.


DeJonckheere, Charles A/Cpl.


Delahunt, James Gilford Pte.


Delich, Morris L/Cpl.


Demianiuk, Roman L/Cpl.


Denis, R.J. Pte.


Dennis, Joseph Octave Pte.


DePaulo, Victor Sgt.


Derkacz, Richard Pte.


Detterbeck, John Pte.


DeWitt, D.O. Sgt.


DeYeager, Leon Albert Pte.


Didrickson, Alf Didrik Stanley Pte.


Dietelbach, Joseph Pte.


Diewold, Albert Joseph Pte.


Dillabough, Purvis Maitland Sgt.


Dittrick, Russell Gordon Pte.


Dixon, William Arnold Pte.


Doepker, Bernard Francis Pte.


Domincuik, Nick Pte.


Dominici, Joseph John Pte.


Dorin, E.A. Pte.


Doroshenko, Dmytro WasyI Pte.


Dotto, August Joseph Pte.


Drebert, Morris Rudolph Pte.


Drinkwater, G. A/Cpl.


Drinkwater, Sydney James Pte.


Drombolis, Spearo L/Sgt.


Drysdale, John William Pte.


Duncan, Ronald Murry Pte.


Durrant, F.E. Captain


Dydh, Michael Pte.


Earwaker, Leslie Franklin A/Cpl.