The battle for Kiska. World War 2

Follows is a list of the members of the Rocky Mountain Rangers who are listed as having been involved in the invasion on Kiska Island in 1943.

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More units and additional staff took part in this invasion.


Eichuk, Alex Pte.


Ellis, Frederick Gordon Lieut.


Elo, Weiko John Pte.


Emmonds, Wilfred Charles L/Cpl.


Endicott, Edmund George Pte.


Esaruk, Michael Pte.


Evenson, John Lamar Pte.


Ewanchuk, N. Pte.


Faulconer, Russel James Pie


Ferguson, Gilbert Bell L/Sgt.


Ferguson, Wesley Robert Pte.


Ferro, Bruno Eulrio Pte.


Feser, Clements Pte.


Fikis, John Sigmn.


Filipowich, Charles Pte.


Fink, Steve Anton Pte.


Finnamore, Leslie Daniel Cowan Pte.


Fitschen, Arthur John Pte.


Flaaton, Norwald Scotty Pte.


Flegel, Edward Pte.


Fletcher, Warren Glenn A/Cpl.


Fllelo, W.H. Pte.


Foreman, H.J. Sgt.


Forte, Evangelista A/Sgt.


Fortes, John Robert Leon Pte.


Fox, William Pte.


Franchi, Alfred Anthony Pte.


Freeman, William Joseph CSM


Froment, Philias Pte.


Fulton, Frederick Joseph Capt


Furlong, Charies Royden Sigmn.


Gagnon, Maximillien Joseph R. L/Cpl.


Gagnon, Romeo Pte.


Gainbin, Gino Pte.


Gambacort, Anthony Bernard Pte.


Geier, Henry Pte.


Geotz, Isidore John Pte.


German, A.F. Pte.


Gerow, Leslie Clarence Robert Cpl.


GIaves, Donaid Grafton Sigmn.


Giles, Lloyd George Pte.


Gill, James Alexander Pte.


Gillespie, Malcom Pte.


Glas, Pious Pte.


Glubrecht, Edward Carl Pte.


Goodings, Walter Kirby Pte.


Gordon, Byron Sgt.


Gordon, Charles Walter Pte.


Grace, Thomas Henry Pte.


Grams, Henry Gustav Pte.


Gratton, Joseph Romeo Pte.


Gray, Howard Kenneth Capt.


Greenwood, William Victor L/Cpl.


GresI, Fred Pte.


Griffiths, Evan David Pte.


Gross, Harry Pte.


Gross, Mathew Pte.


Grossi, Louis Romeo Pte.


Grundy, Vernon Thomas Sgt.


Guenette, Robert Maurice L/Cpl.


Gunter, Frank Pte.


Gust, Wilfred John Pte.


Halisky, John Pte.


Halkow, Mike Pte.


Halksworth, George Sgt.


Hall, Gordon Joseph Emerson CQMS


Hambley, Frederick Armstrong Cpl.


Hamm, Kenneth Lome Pte.


Hanis, James Steven Pte.


Hantke, Alias Philip Robt. L/Sgt.


Harasymchuk, Mike Pte.


Harasymchuk, Peter Pte.


Hari, Waino Julius Pte.


Harris, Alexander Cpl.


Harris, Donald John Sigmn.


Harris, Keith George A/Cpl.


Haug, Gordon William Capt.


Hauk, Robert Pte.


Hawryluk, Fred Sgt.


Hawryluk, William Pte.


Heard, William George Frederick Sgmn.


Hearty, D. Pte.


Hedrick, N. Cpl.


Heffley, David Pte.


Hegland, Arne Eric Pte.


Helm, Alvin Pte.


Henderson, David L/Sgt.


Henderson, James CQMS


Heslip, James Eric Pte.


Hiebert, Philip Filix Pte.


Hildebrand, William Pte.


Hilson, Harry James Pte.


Hnotchuk, Michael L/Cpl.


Hoffart, Joseph Charles Pte.


Hofferman, John James Pte.


Hoffman, William Allan Pte.


Hoffmann, William Martin Pte.


Hoizman, John Edward Pte.


Holcombe, Morris George Pte.


Holman, Gordon Francis Pte.