The battle for Kiska. World War 2

Follows is a list of the members of the Rocky Mountain Rangers who are listed as having been involved in the invasion on Kiska Island in 1943.

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More units and additional staff took part in this invasion.


Holman, M.C., D.B. Lt.-Col.


Holmes, Harold David Sigmn.


Holmes, Stanley A/Cpl.


Homenuk, Ernest Pte.


Hommaway, Chris Pte.


Hone, George William C.Q.M.S.


Hopkins, Albert Victor Sigmn.


Hopp, Rudolf Pte.


Horfman, Stanley Thomas Pte.


Hoth, Arthur Louis Pte.


Hotte, Robert Edmund Pte.


Howard, Herbert Dayton L/Cpl.


Hrycyk, Nicholas Sgt.


Humony, Harry Pte.


Hunt, William Arthur Cpl.


Huscroft, Denis George Lieut.


Ingham, K.A. Pte.


Ingram, Stanley Pte.


Ireton, C.J. Lieut.


Irmeii, George Nicholas Pte.


Isakson, Roy William Pte.


Issel, Albert Joseph


Jackson, John Garrish Lieut.


Jamieson, Robert George Sigmn.


Janetos, James John A/Sgt.


Janke, L. Pte.


Jans, Edward Pte.


Joa, Leander Joseph Pte.


Johannesson, Hallgrimur Pte.


Johanson, Emanuel Pte.


Johnson, Gunnlauger Pte.


Johnson, Victor Willam L/Cpl.


Jones, Edward Pte.


Jones, Gordon Ambrose Lieut.


Kaidas, Joseph Pte.


Kalinocha, Peter Pte.


Kallis, Rhinehard Pte.


Kalynuik, Michael Pte.


Kaninski, Frank Pte.


Kaufman, Louis Henry Pte.


Kautzman, Henry Fleff Pte.


Kay, Louis L/Cpl.


Kaynor, Joseph Pte.


Kayter, Martin L/Cpl.


Keating, Thomas Joseph Pte.


Keatley, Clifford Linnell Capt.


Keen, Joseph William L/Cpl.


Kellas, N. Cpl.


Ketchen, T.H. Sgt.


Kienast, Francis Howard Pte.


Kilgus, Agener L/Cpl.


King, Arnold Frederick Cpl.


King, Samuel Ronald L/Cpl.


Kirkpatriek, Edward Mason Sigmn.


Kleinfeldt, Albert Pte.


Klub, William Pte.


Knipe, John Henry Sigmn.


Kobelsky, John Pte.


Koch, Harry Pte.


Korgaard, Niels Pte.


Kostersky, Joe Pte.


Kowalsky, Edward Pte.


Kowtck, John Pte.


Kraft, Jacob Pte.


Kraft, Nick Pte.


Kraska, Joseph Peter Pte.


Kratchkowsky, Gustave Pte.


Kung, Alfred Rudolph A/CQMS


Kuozma, Alexander Pte.


Kurulak, Harry Pte.


Kusznior, Edward Pte.


L'Abbee, Laurie Pte.


LaBelIe, Albert Pte.


LaBelle, Russell Pte.


Lahn, Harold Pte.


Lamontagne, Maurice Luciene Pte.


Larsen, Albert Peter Pte.


Laufer, Gordon Pte.


Lavallee, Peter Damase Pte.


Lavender, Frank Ross Pte.


Legault, Albert Joseph Pte.


Lehman, Harold Pte.


Leighton, Ralph Raymond Pte.


Lemiro, Gilbert Joseph Pte.


Leneck, Jack L/Cpl.


Lenius, Peter Pte.


Lenko, Nicholas Pte.


Leonard, Keith Merle Pte.


Leontowicz, Alexander A/Cpl.


Lesmeister, Michael Cpl.


Lillejord, Alien Thomas Pte.


Linardic, Alston Pte.


Lipinski, Edward Pte.


Lipmski, P.J. Pte.


Lipsack, George John Cpl.


Listwan, Adam Lional Pte.


Little, Gordon Melvin Pte.


Lizette, Wilfred Joseph Pte.


Lochbaum, John A/Cpl.


Lockwood, John Harold Cpl.