The battle for Kiska. World War 2

Follows is a list of the members of the Rocky Mountain Rangers who are listed as having been involved in the invasion on Kiska Island in 1943.

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More units and additional staff took part in this invasion.


Logue, John Wade L/Cpl.


Lotwin, Mike Pte.


Loveway, Abraham Pte.


Loyst, Earl Vinton L/Cpl.


Lozinski, Nicolas Pte.


Luffman, Harold Wesley Pte.


Lunn, H.G. A/RSM


Lupechuk, George Pte.


Luukkonen, Aimer Andrew Pte.


Lyons, Allan Cameron L/Cpl.


Lyttle, Cecil John Pte.


MacDonald, Gerald Francis Pte.


MacDonald, Hanish Campbell Sgt.


MacKay, Donald Pte.


Mackie, William Lieut.


MacMain, Wilson George L/Cpl.


MacQuarrie, Donald Kelly Lieut.


Mahdiuk, Steve A/Cpl.


Manifold, Robert Pte.


Mann, Carl Harry Sigmn.


Marcinek, Joseph Pte.


Maroon, Mario L/Cpl.


Marshall, John William Pte.


Martel, Girard Pte.


Martin, Melvin Roy Pte.


Mass, Albert Benjamin Pte.


Massey, Richard Lieut.


Matchetchuk, John Pte.


May, Frederick Albert Pte.


Mayer, Ernest Emil Pte.


Mayhew, James Elerie L/Cpl.


Mazick, Joseph Pte.


McArthur, Welwyn John Lieut.


McAuliffe, George Augustus Sgt.


McCarthy, H.R. 2/Lieut


McDonaId, Ivan George Pte.


McEachern, James Arthur L/Cpl.


McGuire, Alvin Daniel Pte.


McLean, Ronald Alexander Cpl.


McLennan, Leonard Pte.


Mclntosh, Albert Sydney Pte.


McVeety, Wesley James Pte.


McVey, Stuart Moffat Pte.


MeKillop, Donald Archibald Sigmn.


Michaud, Lorenzo Josephat L/Cpl.


Miller, Albert Martin Sgt.


Miller, Alexander Pte.


Miller, Darrell Thedorous Pte.


Miller, John Frederick Sgt.


Miller, Leslie Alien A/RQMS


Miller, Robert Kenneith Pte.


Miller, Watson Ernest Pte.


Mills, Lerne Pte.


Mino, Bruce Wainwright Pte.


Miskimins, Lawrence Pte.


Mitchell, Perry Fernus Sigmn.


Mitchell, Walker Elgin Pte.


Moeh, Joseph Pte.


Moffat, Sydney Sgt.


Morelli, Joseph L/Cpl.


Morford, Gordon Clarence Pte.


Moroz, Edward George Pte.


Moser, Ralph Pte.


Mryglod, Joseph Pte.


Muglich, Clarence Aloico Pte.


Mulholland, George Wallace Lieut.


Mullins, Horace Thomas Lieut.


Mumby, David Carl Lieut


Murray, William Cpl.


Muskovich, Nick Pte.


Mutter, James Kerr Cpl.


Nagy, Andrew Ernest Pte.


Naylor, Wiliiam David Sigmn.


Neale, Frederick Edward Pte.


Ned, Mose Pte.


Nelson, Clarence Peter C/CSM


Nelson, Earl Pte.


Nelson, Maxwell Woodrow Pte.


New, Ernest Robert L/Cpl.


Nobel, Gilbert Pte.


Noitz, Edwin Pte.


Norman, Gisli Martin Pte.


Nowasad, Michael L/Cpl.


Oberg, Leonard Clarence William Pte.


Oberst, John George Pte.


Oilie, Frank Paul Pte.


O'Leary, John A/Cpl.


Olson, Birtle Pte.


Olson, Lennart Alien Pte.


Onda, James Michael Pte.


O'Neill, James William Pte.


Orser, Hanry Arthar Sigmn.


Osborae, Donald Hugh Sigmn.


Osiel, Louis Thomas A/Cpl.


Outhwaite, James David Pte.


Padar, Ivan Pte.


Palcso, John Pte.


Pankewich, Casik Pte.


Parisotto, Massimiliano Marcallo Pte.


Partridge, John Philip L/Cpl.