The battle for Kiska. World War 2

Follows is a list of the members of the Rocky Mountain Rangers who are listed as having been involved in the invasion on Kiska Island in 1943.

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More units and additional staff took part in this invasion.


Parypa, William Pte.


Patenaude, Joseph Ernest Pte.


Paul, Lawrence Daniel Pte.


Pavlis, Nick Ignace Pte.


Payton, Walter Pte.


Pearson, Kenneth James Pte.


Pearson, Victor Pte.


Pelech, Ronan Pte.


Pequin, Edward Charles Pte.


Pequin, George Louis Pte.


Perdux, Alain Pte.


Peressini, Americo Pte.


Perubanec, Steve L/Cpl.


Petersen, Andrew Martin Cpl.


Peterson, Wallace Russell Pte.


Petryszyn, Wilfred L/Sgt.


Pfeil, R.W. Pte.


Philps, William David Pte.


Piwowarski, Lawrence Pte.


Poirier, Wilfred Henry Pte.


Poison, Ernest Otto Pte.


Poloyko, Steve Pte.


Popowich, Michael Pte.


Porri, Vincent Pte.


Porter, Allan Douglas Pte.


Pritchard, Harry William L/Cpl.


Propas, Ruben Pte.


Quesnel, Arthur Earl Lieut.


Radulski, Walter Sgt.


Rae, Gordon Frederick Pte.


Ranta, Raymond Pte.


Ranyard, Montague Harry L/Sgt.


Rasmussen, Norman Melvin Pte.


Rawiing, Arnold Burton A/Sgt.


Raymond, Thomas Edward Pte.


Redman, Kenneth Frank Cpl.


Reiber, Ralph Pte.


Reid, Frederick James L/Cpl.


Rejman, Edward Pte.


Reves, Steve Pte.


Reynolds, Earl Mathews Pte.


Rigetti, J. Pte.


Robert, Leslie Pte.


Robertson, James Allan Pte.


Robinson, Cecil Art Pte.


Rogers, F.J. Pte.


Rojeski, Walter Pte.


Rokosh, J. Pte.


Rollheiser, Paul Pte.


Rosaasen, Hilding Arnold Pte.


Rosenberg, Sol David Sgt.


Round, GoraId Clifford Pte.


Rousseau, Allen John Pte.


Rowbottom, Leo Sargdert Pte.


Ruault, Ernest Philip Pte.


Rudy, John Pte.


Runham, Jacob Ernest Pte.


Ryan, George Bernard Pte.


Saarie, William Pte.


Sallee, Victor Pte.


Salomone, Paul Pte.


Salvian, Alfred Arthur L/Cpl.


Salzl, Peter John Pte.


Sammartino, Brumo L/Cpl.


Sandor, Pius Pte.


Sanger, Ralph Raymond Capt.


Saretsky, George Lawrence Pte.


Sather, Alv Sigvald Pte.


Schaan, Frankn Pte.


Schaefer, Alexander Pte.


Scherbainz, Nicholas Pte.


Scherle, Arthur Pte.


Schiebeibein, John Pte.


Schmidt, Edwin Emil Sgt.


Schneider, Anthony Harold Pte.


Schoffer, Earnest Fred Pte.


Schroeder, John Leonard Pte.


Schwager, Ciair Thomas Cpl.


Scott, Robert Edward A/CSM


Scott, W.N. Pte.


Scriver, John Eiton Pte.


Selman, Ronald Clifford Pte.


Shaidle, Earl Joseph Pte.


Sharp, George MacLean Pte.


Sharpe, D.M. Capt.


Shepard, Edgar Spencer Pte.


Sherman, Edward Benhard Pte.


Shiels, lan Edward Gordon Pte.


Shiplack, Paul Sgt.


Silcox, Lee Mortimer Capt.


Simon, Joseph A. Pte.


Sinclair, Reginald Joseph Pte.


Sjursen, John A/Sgt.


Slogar, John Pte.


Sluser, William Pte.


Smith, Clarke MacDougall Pte.


Smith, Esdale Alvin Pte.


Smith, Harry Gray Pte.


Smith, Percival Pte.


Smith, William Illingworth Pte.