Edmonton Papers 1940-1944

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EBBERS, Jane Katherine Mrs. 1942 1862 L Death

EBBERS, Peter 1942
Edmonton - Brothers in service S+P Article

EBBERS, Peter 1943
Worker Injured M- Article

EBBETT, Lillian Ada (Mrs. A.W.) 1941
Vermilion/Ex-Gagetown/Fredericton L Death

EBBETT, Lillian Ada (Mrs. A.W.) 1941 1870 L Death

EBBETT, Lillian Ada (Mrs. A.W.) 1941
Vermilion/Ex-Gagetown/Frederickton 1870
L Death

EBDON, Ellen 1941
Bridal Shower/Gathering M Article

EBDON, Ellen B. 1941
L Wedding

EBDON, Ellen B. 1941
M- Wedding

EBDON, W.J. 1942
Banker now Army officer M Article

EBDON, W.J. Capt. 1943
Wins Promotion M- Article

EBDON, W.J. Lieut & QM 1942
Officers new Fusiliers Active service S Article

EBDON, W.J. Lieut. 1941
Passes officers exam S Article

EBEARE, Francis 1940
Westlock - Birthday 1840
L+P Birth

EBEL, Fred - Halbrite 1941 1884 M Death

EBERHARDT, E. Rev. Dr. 1942
Stony Plain - Honorary DD Degree M+P Article

EBERLY, Mary (Mrs. James) (nee 1942 1858 M Death

EBERLY, Mary (Mrs. James) (nee 1942 1858 L Death

EBNER, Bernard Mr. and Mrs. 1940
Niece visits Miss. Cynthia Cochrane M- Article

EBY, H.D. Mrs. 1941
Fire damages residence M- Article

EBY, Hannah (Mrs. Noah Bowman) 1943
L Death

EBY, Hannah (Mrs. Noah) Dobson 1943
L Death

EBY, Hannah (Mrs. Noah) Dobson 1943
M Death

EBY, R.B. - Edmonton 1942
Joins Navy S Article

EBY, Robert J. 1943
Commisioned in Ordinance M Article

ECCELES, Ernest 1940
Arm crushed by tractor Belt M- Article

ECCLES, E. Mrs. 1942
Sister visits Mrs. A.M. Young S Article

ECCLES, Ernest Samuel 1941 1905 M Death

ECCLES, Ernest Samuel 1941
Funeral 1855
L Death

ECCLES, Norman Sgt. 1943
Winnipeg Grenadiers reported Killed S Article

ECHLIN, Mary Mrs. 1943
Holiday S Article

ECKEL, D.R. - Lamont 1942
Joins RCAF S Article

ECKEL, Gretchen Marie 1942
L Wedding

ECKEL, Leonard - Lamont 1941
Honorable discharge M- Article

ECKEL, Leonard Milton 1943
M- Wedding

ECKEL, Leonard Milton 1943
M- Engagement

ECKEL, Leonard Milton 1943
L Wedding

ECKEL, Leonard Milton 1943
M+P Wedding

ECKER, Margaret 1943
Gets London Post L Article

ECKERT, Alvin - New Sarepta 1940
Fined followin Crash L Article

ECKERT, Ambrose Francis 1940
M- Wedding

ECKERT, Asap - Onoway 1942
Dangerous Driving Charge S Article

ECKERT, Asaph - Onoway 1943
Looting Charge 1901
M Article

ECKERT, Charles 1941
Victim Theft L Article

ECKERT, Charles 1942
Vehicle Accident M Article

ECKERT, Charles 1942
Fined after accident M Article

ECKERT, E. 1943
Truck overturns M- Article

ECKERT, E. - Hobbema 1941
Hit by Tree M- Article

ECKERT, Erwin - Onoway 1943
Looting Charge 1923
M Article

ECKERT, Gladys 1940
M- Wedding

ECKERT, Milo - Westlock 1942
Sheep theft charge M Article

ECKFORD, Esther M. 1943
Divorce Action S Article

ECKFORD, Hester Mae 1943
Divorce Action S Article

ECKFORD, W.S. - 9519 101 St. 1942
Robin ForsakesSouthern Chimes M Article

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