Edmonton Papers 1940-1944

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EDGE, F.W. 1942
Appointed Director Labor relations M-P Article

EDGE, Gilt 1941
Wants Highway Action M Article

EDGE, Harry OS 1942
M- Wedding

EDGE, Harry OS 1942
RCNVR M- Wedding

EDGE, I. William 1940
M- Wedding

EDGE, T. L/Cpl. 1942
Passes exm 2nd Fusiliers (Res) S Article

EDGE, Thomas 1941
M- Engagement

EDGE, Thomas 1941
M- Wedding

EDGE, Thomas 1941
L Wedding

EDGE, William 1940
M- Engagement

EDGECOMBE, A.H. - Fort Vermilion 1943
Volunteers for R.C.A.F. S Article

EDGELL, J.T. - Gadsby 1943
Arrives overseas S Article

EDGELL, J.T. - Gadsby 1943
Joins Army S Article

EDGELL, M. Mr. and Mrs. - Gadsby 1943
Move into town S Article

EDGER, Gladys 1941
Divorce Action S Death

EDGERTON, John T. 1941
Take office by Acclamation - Rocky M Article

EDGETT, W.R. - CNR 1942
Amoung recent Retirements M- Article

Town Ad - Lacombe M Article

EDGSON, C.V. Cpl. 1942
Returns from Dieppe Raid S Article

EDGSON, Carmen V. 1943
L Wedding

EDIE, C.C. Jr. - Waskatenau 1941
Goes to RCAF S Article

EDIE, Colin C. - Waskateneau 1941
Postmaster retires M Article

EDIE, Ralph - Waskatenau 1941
Back from Ontario M- Article

EDINGS, Andrew 1943
Charge fail to separate cattle and S Article

EDIS, E.K. - Red Deer 1942
Woman Soldier Graduates 2nd Lt. M- Article

EDIS, Ellen K. - Red Deer 1943
Gets permotion S Article

EDIS, Nellie Lieut - Red Deer 1942
Commissioned M-P Article

EDKINS, E.G. Sgt. 1942
Injured in accident M Article

EDLAND, Darryl 1943
Vehicle Accident 1937
M Article

EDLUND, Albert - Glendon 1943
Home on route to new post S Article

EDLUND, Arthur A. Sgt. 1942
Calgary - Acquited Driving Charge M- Article

EDLUND, Arthur Sgt. 1941
Vehicle Accident - Inquest 1917
L Article

EDLUND, Artur Sgt. 1941
Calgary - Vehicle Accident 1917
L Article

EDLUND, Ingrid V. Pte. 1942
CWAC - Leaves for training at S Article

EDLUND, Jacob Anund 1941
Wetaskiwin 1868
M Death

EDMOND, N.D. F/O - Calgary 1941
On active Service S Death

EDMOND, Norman Douglas F/O 1941
On Active Service M- Death

EDMOND, R.W. - Edmonton 1943
Passes Military Course S Article

EDMONDS, D.E. - Edmonton 1942
Joins RCAF (WD) S Article

EDMONDS, de Larue 1941
England M Wedding

EDMONDS, Doris - Edmonton 1943
War Emergency Stenography Plan L+P Article

EDMONDS, Doris E. - Edmonton 1942
Taking RCAF (WD) Course M- Article

EDMONDS, Doris E. - Edmonton 1943
Finishes Course - Leaves for East S Article

EDMONDS, W. 1940
Forestburg 1866
M- Death

EDMONDS, W. Everard 1942
Teacher Retires L Article

EDMONDS, W.E. 1942
Teachers Retiring 1877
M- Article

EDMONSTONE, H.A. - Edmonton 1942
Joins Army S Article

EDMONTON, D.S. - Tawathinaw 1943
Volunters for R.C.A.F. S Article

EDMONTON, Edgar 1942
Tawathinaw M Death

EDMUNDS, Seymour Mr. and Mrs. 1942
Lacombe - 25Th M- Anniversary

EDMUNDSEN, E. - Conductor NAR 1942
New work location S Article

Flames Damage residence L Article

EDMUNDSON, High C. Pte. (Likely 1943
Calgary S Article

NAR - Acting position S Article

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