Edmonton Papers 1940-1944

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EDWARDS, Robert Clifford 1942
M- Engagement

EDWARDS, Robert Clifford 1942
M- Wedding

EDWARDS, Robert P/O - Cobourg 1940
First RCAF Casualty M-P Death

EDWARDS, S. - Olds (Initial?) 1943
Army officers get Certificates S Article

EDWARDS, S.R. 1941
Men of Stettler Co. Enlist S Article

EDWARDS, Sidney R. Pte. 1940
Brought from UK for court L Article

EDWARDS, Stanley - 11305 89 St. 1942
Injured in accident 1934
M Article

EDWARDS, Stanley Ewart 1943
University Convocation S+P Article

EDWARDS, T.C. Miss. 1941
Lamont Nurses Pass S Article

EDWARDS, T.R. Capt. - Edmonton 1942
Arrives England S Article

EDWARDS, Terry Lloyd 1942
(11 Months) 1942
L Death

EDWARDS, Thomas 1943
Lloydminster 1848
M Death

EDWARDS, Thomas P/O - White 1942
Pilot puts out Flames in Plane L Article

EDWARDS, W.F. 1942
Joins RCAF S Article

EDWARDS, W.F. - Edmonton 1943
Awarded Wings S Article

EDWARDS, Walter Mr. and Mrs. 1942
Son visits ASA W.L. and Mrs. Edwards M- Article

EDWARDS, Walter Mrs. 1941
Sister Visits Mrs. A. MacDonald and M- Article

EDWARDS, Walter Mrs. 1941
Sisters Visits Mrs. A. MacDonald and M- Article

EDWARDS, William 1943
M- Engagement

EDWARDS, William J. 1940 1869 L Death

EDWARDS, William James 1940 1869 M Death

EDWARDS, William James 1942
S InMem

EDWARDS, William James 07-Oct- 1941
S InMem

EDWARDS, William L. 1941
M- Wedding

EDWARDS, William Lorne 1940
Detroit, Michigan 1938
M- Death

EDWARDS, William Mr. and Mrs. 1942
Take up temporary Residence M- Article

EDWARDSON, Alf - Writer 1943
Here on Leave M- Article

EDWARDSON, Alf M. 1942
M- Engagement

EDWARDSON, Alfred M. 1942
L Wedding

EDWARDSON, Alfred M. 1942
M Engagement

25Th L Anniversary

EDWIN, George Scott 1941
Vagrancy Charge S Article

EDWORTHY, Samuel - Holden 1943
Moved to Coast M Article

EDY, Allen Flt.-Lt. DFC 1941
Of St. Andrews, Man M- Death

EEDY, H.O. (or H.G.) - Wembley 1943
Joins Army S Article

EFFEFSON, H.E. - Radway 1942
Joins RCAF (WD) S Article

EGAN, C.F. Dr. 1941
Services in Medical Corps M- Article

EGAN, J. Mrs. Jr. 1940
Leaves to join husband S Article

EGAN, John 1940
M- Engagement

EGAN, John 1940
M- Wedding

EGAN, W.A. O'Dowd Pte. 1942
England M- Engagement

EGAN, W.B. - Duffield 1941
visits mother Mrs. Thomas M- Article

EGBERT, Billy 1942
To sing here 1930
M Article

EGBERT, Billy 1942
Calgary - In city for Junior Symphony. M- Article

EGEDAHL, Esther Alida 1943
M Wedding

EGEDAHL, Esther Alida 1943
M- Engagement

EGEDAHL, H.T. Rev. Mrs. 1943
S InMem

EGGE, Norman Reginald 1942
M+P Wedding

EGGEN, Agnes Miss. 1942
Innisfail 1916
L Death

EGGEN, Agnes Miss. 1942
Innisfail Inquest L Article

EGGEN, Bert - Bawlf 1941
Is at Penhold RCAF Camp S Article

EGGEN, Bert Mr. and Mrs. 1940
Bawlf - Remodle Café M- Article

EGGEN, I. Mrs. - Dodds 1942
Holidays S Article

EGGEN, J.D. - Bawlf 1942
Joins RCAF S Article

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