Edmonton Papers 1940-1944

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EGGEN, James D. - Bawlf 1942
Joins RCAF S Article

EGGEN, James Douglas 1942
M- Enagement

EGGEN, K.O. 1941
Partnership Dissolved M- Article

EGGEN, K.O. Mr. and Mrs. 1941
Bawlf - 25Th L Anniversary

EGGEN, K.O. Mr. and Mrs. - Bawlf 1942
Has three trained nurses in family M Article

EGGEN, K.O. Mrs. 1943
Bawlf - Back in Post office S Article

EGGEN, Olive 1943
L Wedding

EGGEN, Olive Miss. 1943
M- Engagement

EGGEN, Oscar Mrs. - Ganford 1940
Letter to Editor L Article

EGGER, Alfred 1940
Red Deer 1874
M Article

EGGERTSON, Arni 1942
Winnipeg - Ex-Alderman 1874
M- Death

EGGIL, D. Mrs. - Grimshaw 1942
Leaves to join husband M- Article

EGGLESTON, H.W. F/O - Saskatoon 1942
Takes Post here M- Article

EGGLESTON, J. Bdr. - Delburne 1942
Albertans on Radio S Article

EGGLESTON, S. Pte. Canadian 1943
Chrisholm S Article

EGLEN, Albert 1941
Liquor Count M Article

EGLEN, Albert 1942
Liquor Charge M- Article

EGLESTON, Catherine Grace 1941
Calgary M+P Wedding

EGLESTON, Catherine Grace 1941
L Engagement

EGLESTON, Grace - Calgary 1941
L Wedding

EGLESTON, Grace - Calgary 1941
M+P Wedding

EGLESTON, Grace - Calgary 1941
Bridal Shower/Gathering M- Article

EGLESTON, Grace - Calgary 1941
Out of town Wedding Guests M Article

EGLESTON, Grace Miss. 1940
New staff Lianarthney School M Article

EGLESTON, Grace Miss. 1941
Returns to school after holiday S Article

EGLEY, George Arthur 1940
L Wedding

EGLEY, George Arthur 1940
M- Wedding

EGLINSKI, Harry Gunner 1943
Port Albernie, B.C./Two Hills M Death

EGLINSKI, John - Two Hills 1941
Takes Military Course S Article

EGNATUK, Carl 1941
Theft Charge M Article

EGO, Jack 1941
Leduc School Rifle Corps M+P Article

EGRI, W. Flt.-Sgt. - Abbotsford BC 1942
Wins Decoration M Article

EGYED, Belles 1943
Peace River 1924
M Death

EGYED, Frank 1943
Vehicle Accident M Article

EHINGER, J.P. 1941
Provost Town Ad - Busnesses M Article

EHLERS, Irene 1943
Cloverdale Queen M Article

EHLERS, W.E. 1942
Joins Army S Article

EHLINGER, Claire 1940
M- Engagement

EHLINGER, Claire 1940
M- Wedding

EHLKE, W. - CPR 1942
New appointment M- Article

EHLY, E. Mrs. 1941
Moves from city S Article

EHLY, Lou J. 1942
Turner Valley M- Wedding

EHRMAN, Gilbert Pte. - Usona 1943
S Article

EHRMANN, Adella (Mrs. George) 1943
Leduc 1900
M Death

EICHENLAUB, Reinhold 1942
Calgary 1910
M Death

EICHENLAUB, Reinhold 1942
Calgary 1910
M- Death

EICHHORN, Rudolph 1942
Sells Farm - Sangudo S Article

EIDE, Martin 1942
Kelsey 1867
M- Death

EIGNER, L. - St. Line 1942
Joins Army S Article

EIJOU, Fred - Lindale 1943
Speeding Charge M- Article

EILLOTT, Patricia M. - Edmonton 1942
CWAC - Completes Basic training S Article

EINARSON, Einar T. 1943
M- Wedding

EINARSON, Einar T. 1943
L Wedding

EINARSON, L. Miss. 1941
St. John Ambulance - Long Serive S Article

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