Edmonton Papers 1940-1944

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From-Of Born About
Size Type

ELBRON, Ernie 1941
Lumberman Injured M- Article

ELCHUK, J. 1942
Joins Army S Article

ELDER, C.R. RSM 1940
Long serving Instructors M-P Article

ELDER, Dawn J. - First Class Stoker 1943
Home on leave M- Article

ELDER, Dawn John 1942
Returns from navy trip M-P Article

ELDER, Hazel M 1943
Divorce Granted S Article

ELDER, Hazel May 1943
Divorce Action M- Article

ELDER, J.P. Mrs. 1941
Honored on departure S Article

ELDER, J.P. Mrs. 1941
Leaves to join husband M Article

ELDER, J.R. Pte. Invalided home - 1941
Millet S Article

ELDER, James Fulton 1943 1875 L Death

ELDER, James Fulton 1943 1875 M Death

ELDER, John R. 1943
Divorce Action M- Article

ELDER, John R. 1943
Divorce Granted S Article

ELDRED, C.R. Capt. - Calgary 1942
Reported Killed - Held by Nazis M Article

ELDRED, Donald 1943
Rabbit stolen from M- Article

Gainers Employees on War Service S Article

ELDRIGE, W.R. - Edmonton 1942
Joins Army S Article

Coal - Tofield M- Article

ELENIAK, Anne Miss. 1942
Visits Miss. Helen Wilinski M- Article

ELENIAK, Basil - Chipman 1941
Bently markes 50Th Anniversary M Article

ELENIAK, Joanna 1943
Chipman M Death

ELENIAK, W.V. - Chipman 1941
Arrives overseas S Article

ELENIAK, Wasyl 1941
50 Years in Canada - Chipman L+P Article

ELEY, John 1943
Victory Loans article M+P Article

ELEY, John Henry 1940
M- Engagement

ELEY, John Henry 1940
M- Wedding

ELEY, John Mrs. 1940
Injured in Auto accident M Article

ELEY, Josiah 1941
Rimbey 1849
L Death

ELEY, Mildred 1940
M- Wedding

ELFINHEIMER, Willard 1940
Vehicle Accident M Article

ELFORD, W.B. 1940
Vermilion - Returns from M- Article

ELFORD, W.B. Mrs. 1942
IODE Library serves Vermilion M Article

ELFSTROM, Albert Theodore 1943
Sells Buiness M- Article

ELGAARD, T.U. - Ponoka 1943
Joins Army S Article

ELGAR, C. - CPR 1941
Resigns due to illness - Lloydminster M Article

ELGER, Charles H. - CNR 1941
Retires S Article

ELGERSMA, Simon 1940
Neerlandia 1919
M Death

ELGERT, Ethel 1942
M Wedding

ELGERT, Ethel 1942
M- Wedding

ELGESTON, Grace 1941
Bridal Shower/Gathering M- Article

ELGET, Eva Lou 1943
Father visits Pte. Martin Elget M- Article

ELGET, Martin Pte. 1943
Leaves for Camrose M- Article

ELGIE, F.A. L/Cpl 1942
Injured in Accident M- Article

ELGIE, G.F. - Irma 1941
Joins Unstated Active forces S Article

ELGIN, James Alexander 1941
Brownvale M Death

ELHORN, Alvin 1941
L Wedding

ELHORN, Alvin 1941
M- Wedding

ELHORN, Gladys Washington 1943
M- Wedding

ELHORN, Harry Brayans 1943
Awarded Commission S Article

ELHORN, Margaret Washington 1942
M- Wedding

ELHORN, Margaret Washington 1942
L Wedding

ELIANAK, Peter 1941
Chipman 1870
M- Death

ELIAS, S. - Shaunavon 1943
Enlist RCAF S Article

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