Edmonton Papers 1940-1944

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ELLERTON, S.T.J. Lt. 1942
Staff Canadian Army Basic Training - S+P Article

ELLERTSON, Harry - Rimbey 1941
Joins Army S Article

ELLET, C.A. 1942
Executive member horse breaders S Article

ELLET, L.S. - Alt 1943
Joins RCNVR S Article

ELLETT, Alfred 1943
Letter to Editor L Article

ELLETT, Charles 1941
Master Farmer S+P Article

ELLHORN, H.B. Sgt.-Obs 1942
Receives Wings M-P Article

ELLINGER, C. Mrs. 1940
L.A. President 92 Battery L Article

ELLINGER, Cyril - 10534 129 St. 1942
Injured in Vehicle Accident M Article

ELLINGER, Jack Bombadier 1940
Saw Nazi Airmen crash L+P Article

ELLINGSON, J.P. - Winfield 1943
Volunteers for RCAF S Article

ELLINGSTON, Mary (Mrs. Rudolph) 1941
Miss. Edith Garbutt visits M- Article

ELLINGSTON, Mary (Mrs. Rudolph) 1941
Honored on Departure M Article

ELLINTHROPE, J.W. Lt.-Col 1940
Appointed command 3rd Div Sigs S+P Article

ELLIOT, Alistaid Dr. and Mrs. 1943
Return from wedding trip M- Article

ELLIOT, Dorothy Winnifred 1942
L Wedding

ELLIOT, G.J. AC - Calgary 1941
Four Airmen Killed in Maritimes Crash M Death

ELLIOT, Gordon Tait - Kinsella 1943
Volunteers for Navy S Article

ELLIOT, Katherine Dorothy 1942
Ajax Ont. M- Engagement

ELLIOT, T. 1941
Stolen car located S Article

ELLIOTT, A. Rev. - Leduc 1941
Churchmens tea S+P Article

ELLIOTT, A.C. - Edmonton 1942
Joins RCAF S Article

ELLIOTT, A.F. Mrs. 1941
Daughter-in-law visits - Mrs. William S Article

ELLIOTT, A.H. Lieut.-Col 1943
Transferred L+P Article

ELLIOTT, A.H. Lt.-Col 1942
Awarded Medal S Article

ELLIOTT, A.H. Lt.-Col 1943
Victory Loan program M-P Article

ELLIOTT, A.H. Lt.-Col. 1941
Here from Calgary S Article

ELLIOTT, A.S. Mrs. 1940
Son visits Mr. and Mrs. William C. S Article

ELLIOTT, Alan Lt.-Col 1942
Four Army officers to receive Award S Article

ELLIOTT, Albert John 1943
Vancouver, B.C./Ex-Sunnyside 1890
M Death

ELLIOTT, Alistair Dr. 1943
4x Out of town Wedding Guests M- Article

ELLIOTT, Alistair Dr. 1943
5x Out of town Wedding Guests M- Article

ELLIOTT, Alistair J.K. Dr. 1943
M- Wedding

ELLIOTT, Alistair J.K. Dr. 1943
L Wedding

ELLIOTT, Allistair J. Knox Dr. 1943
M- Engagement

ELLIOTT, Allistair J.K. Dr. 1943
M Engagement

ELLIOTT, Alvin 1940
S InMem

ELLIOTT, Arthur G. Mr. and Mrs. 1942
Holiday in city - No connected Names S Article

ELLIOTT, Arthur Rev. 1941
Small Biography L+P Article

ELLIOTT, B.T. - Edmonton 1943
Volunteers for RCAF S Article

ELLIOTT, C. 1941
East of Edmonton - Farm fire M Article

ELLIOTT, C. Mr. and Mrs. - Bashaw 1941
Move from area M- Article

ELLIOTT, C.G. 1942
Victim hit and Run L Article

ELLIOTT, C.W. - Calgary 1942
Graduates officer M Article

ELLIOTT, Charlene Glorian 1942
May get Legacy 1930
M Article

ELLIOTT, Charles - Worsley 1941
Join 2nd Battalion (Fusiliers) S Article

ELLIOTT, Clara Levina Mrs. 1942
Kamloops 1874
S Death

ELLIOTT, David Alvin 1943 1896 M Death

ELLIOTT, Don 1940
Soon to Graduate - Air Observer S+P Article

ELLIOTT, Donald V. 1941
Rocky Mountain House M- Wedding

ELLIOTT, Donald Victor 1941
M- Engagement

ELLIOTT, Douglas 1942
Speeding Charge M- Article

ELLIOTT, Douglas C. SA 1943
M- Wedding

ELLIOTT, Douglas C. SA 1943
M- Engagement

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