Edmonton Papers 1940-1944

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From-Of Born About
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ERVICK, O. - CPR 1941
On annual leave S Article

ERVIN, Julia 1943
Bridal Shower/Gathering M Article

ERVIN, Julia Mae 1943
M- Engagement

ERVIN, Robert Lester 1940
L Wedding

ERVIN, Robert Lester 1940
M- Wedding

ERVINE, Julie Mae 1943
L Wedding

ERWIN, Ruth (Mrs. F.W.) 1942
Beaverlodge M Death

ERWIN, W. - Edmonton 1943
Volunteers for RCAF S Article

ERWIN, W. - Morinville 1942
Volunteers for Army S Article

ERWIN, William 1942
Injured in Vehicle Accident 1926
M- Article

ERWIN, William - 10257 95 St. 1943
Volunteers for RCAF L Article

ESAK, William 1943
Vehicle Accident M Article

ESAU, Harvey 1943
Three Hills 1930
M Article

ESAU, W.R. - Edmonton 1943
Volunteer RCAF S Article

ESAU, William Mrs. 1940
Photo S+P Article

ESCH, Esther (Mrs. Hubert) Nairn 1941
Returns city M- Article

ESCH, Hubert J. 1941
Home on Leave 1915
M+P Article

ESCH, Hubert Joseph 1941
M- Wedding

ESCH, Vernon Wilson 1940
M- Wedding

ESDALE, George Sgt. 1943
Meets sister M+P Article

ESDALE, H.R. Mrs. 1943
Mother visits Mrs. Robert Young M- Article

ESDALE, Q. - Nursing Sister 1942
Albertans on Radio S Article

ESDALE, Queena - Nurse 1940
Some where in England M+P Article

ESDALE, Queena - Nurse 1940
Edmonton Nursing Sisters Play part L+P Article

ESDALE, Queena Lieut 1943
Nurse on duty overseas M+P Article

ESDALE, Queena Lieut 1943
Wins Award M+P Article

ESDALE, William L. 1943
Home on visit S Article

ESDALE, William Thomas 1942 1870 M- Death

ESHPETER, George 1942
M Wedding

ESHPETER, Geroge - Rosalind 1943
Enlists in Army M- Article

ESLER, Alex 1941
Bawlf 1914
L Death

ESLER, Alex Mrs. (nee Lindroth) 1941
Minor injuries Vehicle accident M Article

ESLING, Sam 1940
Tonic Ad S+P Article

ESMONDE, R. Mrs. 1942
Mrs. F.H. Kelley visits S Article

ESMONDE, R.L. - 8710 92 ave 1942
Building Permit S Article

ESMONDE, R.L. Mrs. 1942
Visits Mrs. F.H. Keley S Article

ESPESETH, Norman 1941
Bloomsbury 1922
M Death

ESPESETH, Norman 1942
M Death

ESSELINK, Charles 1941
Wainwright - Seroulsy Injured M- Article

ESSELINK, Charles 1942
Take Residencey - Rimbey M- Article

ESSELINK, Charles - Wainwright 1941
Mechanic hurt in Welding Blast M- Article

ESSELMONT, R.D. P/O - Revelstoke 1943
RCAF Accident M- Article

ESSERS, S. - 9545 108 St. 1941
Truck stolen from M- Article

ESSERY, Alexander 1943
L+P Wedding

ESSERY, Alexander Frederick 1943
M- Wedding

ESSERY, Elmo Mrs. 1940
Leaves for planned year M- Article

ESSERY, Stanley Mrs. 1942
Brother Mr. and Mrs. Sidney Keith S Article

ESSLER, Alex 1940
Of Bawf M- Wedding

ESSWEIN, P.R. - Pine Pass BC 1941
Shore Ice Breaks Truck goes under M Article

ESTELL, Giles J. 1942
Mirror 1863
M- Death

ESTELL, M. Miss. - Mirror 1942
Joins Navy (WREN) S Article

ESTELL, Paul - Mirror 1940
Suffers Face Injuries M- Article

ESTELLE, Elmer AB - Mirror 1943
Home on leave S Article

ESTELLE, Greta 1941
M- Engagement

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