Edmonton Papers 1940-1944

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L+P Wedding

FETTERLY, S. (Mrs. Ira) 1941
Waskatenau 1880
M- Death

FETTERLY, Sadie 1941
Waskatenau 1881
M Death

FETTERLY, Sadie E. (Mrs. Ira) 1941
Waskatenau L Article

FETTIG, T. Pte. - Grassy Lake 1942
Army Tradesmen get Certificates S Article

FETZNER, Albertina 1940
M- Wedding

FETZNER, Albertina L. RN 1940
M- Engagement

FEUERSTEIN, Elizabeth 1940
of Bright Bank 1853
M Death

FEURT, Ralph Lindsey 1941 1895 M- Article

FEWANG, Soren J. Mrs. 1940
High Prairie M Death

FEWATER, Mack G. 1942
At Toronto L Wedding

FEWCHUK, Nick 1941
Posn Stolen property Charge S Article

FEWKES, C. - Power Plane 1940
Due to retire M- Article

FEWSTER, Mac G. Constable 1942
Tillsonburg, Ont. M- Engagement

FEWSTER, Mack G. Constable 1942
M- Engagement

FEX, E. - Bonnyville 1942
Joins Army S Article

FIALKOW, Harry 1941
Law Suit M Article

25Th S Anniversary

FIARHURST, Moses 1942
Vancouver, B.C. 1866
M- Death

Drumheller - Brother dies Moses M- Article

FICE, W.G. P/O 1943
Life saved by Parachute L Article

FICHT, Janet Marion (Mrs. Lt. J.P.) 1942
M Death

FIDDEMA, Edward - Seba Beach 1941
TakesStore Post M- Article

FIDLER, Lily 1943
L Wedding

FIDLER, Lily 1943
M- Wedding

FIDLER, Lily Miss. 1943
Bridal Shower/Gathering L Article

FIDLER, Lily Miss. 1943
Bridal Shower/Gathering M Article

FIDLER, S. Lieut- Edmonton 1943
Promoted acting captain S Article

FIDLER, Stanley Lieut 1943
On Good will tour L Article

FIDLER, Stanley Lieut. 1941
Promoted M+P Article

FIECHTMAN, Bernice 1940
Strome M- Wedding

FIEGAL, Hilda - Ponoka 1943 1848 M Birth

FIELD, A.D.L. 1941
Letter to Editor L Article

FIELD, A.G. Cdt. 1942
Leaves for officers course S Article

FIELD, Ann Mary and Ann 1941
visit Mrs. Charles Hurlburt S Article

FIELD, Arch 1943
Owns dog - public nuisance S Article

FIELD, Archibald 1940
M- Wedding

FIELD, Bert 1940
Get 10 yea pins Canadian Airways S Article

FIELD, Charles William Thomas 1943
On active Service 1900
L Death

FIELD, Charles William Thomas Flt. 1943
On active service M- Death

FIELD, Donald - Rimbey 1941
To hunt Mountain sheep M Article

FIELD, E. "Ted" 1942
Returns to North M- Article

FIELD, E. Mr. and Mrs. 1942
200 Gather to Fairrwell M Article

FIELD, E.E.R. 1942
Returns to the city M- Article

FIELD, E.R. Mr. and Mrs. 1941
Son visits Bernard Mahoney S Article

FIELD, E.R.R. 1942
Appointed Superintendent CPR West M Article

FIELD, E.R.R. - Pilot 1942
Black out test M+P Article

FIELD, Edgar Roy Robertson 1940
M- Wedding

FIELD, Ethel L. 1942
Pastel Drawings shown at Museum M Article

FIELD, F.W. Mr. and Mrs. 1941
Holiday S Article

FIELD, George C. - Edmonton 1943
Granted Naval Commission S Article

FIELD, George C. Sub-Lieut 1943
Returns to Canada S Article

FIELD, Grant 1940
Two more familys move to Rimby M- Article

FIELD, H.G. - Edmonton 1942
Officers Class graduates S Article

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