Edmonton Papers 1940-1944

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FORD, Anna Jean 1943
L Wedding

FORD, Armour Major 1941
Artilery left a year ago M Article

FORD, Armour Mrs. 1943
Honorary President M-P Article

FORD, B. 1941
Photo Edmonton Seamen group S+P Article

FORD, Bert P/O - Lacombe 1943
Arrives Overseas M- Article

FORD, C.E. - Edmonton 1943
Officers graduate S Article

FORD, C.E.C. - Edmonton 1943
Alberta men win commissions S Article

FORD, C.R. 1942
To head teachers group M- Article

FORD, Carol Maxine 1941
(Infant) 1941
L Death

FORD, Catherine 1941
Pedestrian hit L Article

FORD, Clarence E.C. - Edmonton 1943
Granted Commissons M-P Article

FORD, Claudine (Mrs. E.) (nee 1942
Bridal Shower/Gathering M- Article

FORD, David 1941
Named CN Vice-President - Montreal L Article

FORD, Duncan 1941
US Tourist - Meningitis Calgary M Death

FORD, E. Sapper 1942
Arrives England M-P Article

FORD, E.C. - Edmonton 1943
Alberta men commisioned S Article

FORD, E.G. Flt Lt. 1942
of Hessle, Yorkshire M Death

FORD, Edsel 1943
Detroit 1894
L+P Article

FORD, Edward Reece 1942
L Wedding

FORD, Edward Reece 1942
M- Engagement

FORD, Edward Reece 1942
M- Wedding

FORD, Elsie Miss. - Wainwright 1940
Attending normal school S Article

FORD, F. Armour 1940
Returns from Vancouver S Article

FORD, F. Armour Lt.-Col - Edmonton 1942
Alberta officers win Decorations M Article

FORD, F. Armour Mrs. 1941
Holiday S Article

FORD, F. Armour Mrs. Major 1940
Fund Raising M-P Article

FORD, F.A. Lt.-Col - Edmonton 1941
Promotion Confirmed M- Article

FORD, F.G. - Castor 1941
Passes RCAF Course S Article

FORD, Frank 1943
Issued Building Permit S Article

FORD, Frank Hon. Justice 1941
Made Chancellor of U of A L+P Article

FORD, Frank Justice Mrs. 1941
Heads War Aid M Article

FORD, Frank Mr. Justice D.C.L 1941
Appointed Chancellorship S+P Article

FORD, Frank Mrs. 1941
Hosts 61 Battery Auxilary function M- Article

FORD, Frank Mrs. 1941
Hosts w.a. 61ST Battery M Article

FORD, Frank Mrs. (Justice) 1940
eads 61 Field Battery Auxiliary M-P Article

FORD, Frederick 1942
Wainwright M- Wedding

FORD, G. - Coleman 1943
Alberta Municipalities meeting S Article

FORD, G. P/O - Castor 1941
Pilots aids Raid Nazi Ship M Article

FORD, George P/O 1942
S InMem

FORD, H.A. - Gadsby 1943
Accepted by RCE M- Article

FORD, H.H. - Cadomin 1942
Joins RCAF (WD) S Article

FORD, H.H. - Cadomin 1942
Passes RCAF (WD) Course S Article

FORD, H.J. - Lacombe 1941
Son visits H.C. Ford S Article

FORD, H.J. - Lacombe 1941
Veteran Assistants can enlist men S Article

FORD, H.J. Mr. and Mrs. - Lacombe 1942
Son visits Sgt. Pilot H.C. Ford M- Article

FORD, H.V. LAC - of Kinloch 1942
Winnipeg M Death

FORD, Helen Hutton 1943
M- Engagement

FORD, Helen Hutton 1943
L Wedding

FORD, Hugh - Gadsby 1942
Horse Accident - Injured M- Article

FORD, Ilene Georgia 1942
M- Engagement

FORD, Ilene Miss. 1942
Bridal Shower/Gathering L Article

FORD, J. Mrs. 1943
Honored on Departure M- Article

FORD, J. Mrs. - Lacombe 1941
Honored on Departure from Edmonton S Article

FORD, J.H. 1941
Lacombe M Death

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