Edmonton Papers 1940-1944

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FOSTER, S.A. - Sexsmith 1942
Joins RCAF S Article

FOSTER, Sherman 1943
Sangodo 1932
S Death

FOSTER, Sherman 1943
Sangodo 1932
M- Death

FOSTER, Shuabel McIntosh 1942
Funeral - Amendment M- Death

FOSTER, Stan 1940
Tonic Ad - Shepard S+P Article

FOSTER, Thomas E. Sgt.-Pilot 1941
Visiting on Leave M-P Article

FOSTER, Thomas Edwin Sgt. Pilot 1942
Active Service M+P Death

FOSTER, Thomas Sherman 1943 1932 M Death

FOSTER, Thomas Sherman 1943 1932 M- Death

FOSTER, Thomas Sherman 1943
Sangudo - Funeral 1932
L Death

FOSTER, Tom Sgt.-Pilot 1943
S InMem

FOSTER, V.S. Mrs. - Bremner 1942
Mother Visits Mrs. A.C. Renton M- Article

FOSTER, Vaughan Isabelle 1942
M- Enagement

FOSTER, Vaughan Isabelle 1942
L Wedding

FOSTER, Vida Pearl 1941
Funeral 1903
M Death

FOSTER, Viola 1943
Leave for training S Article

FOSTER, W. Mr. and Mrs. 1941
Daughter visits Mr. and Mrs. J.D. M- Article

FOSTER, W.E. - Edmonton 1942
Graduates from RCAF School S Article

FOSTER, W.H. 1942
Victoria - Graduates as officer S Article

FOSTER, W.H. - Grande Centre 1941
Veteran Assistants can enlist men S Article

FOSTER, W.S. Mrs. 1943
visits mother Mrs. .A. Logan M- Article

FOSTER, W.W. Brig - Vancouver 1943
Duties Wide L Article

FOSTER, W.W. Brig - Vancouver 1943
New Canada/US Liason M-P Article

FOSTER, W.W. Brig DSC 1943
Given Promotion 1876
L Article

FOSTER, W.W. Maj. Gen 1943
Daughter visits - CSM Jocelyn M- Article

FOSTER, Walter 1940
M- Wedding

FOSTER, William 1943
Mirror 1881
M- Death

FOSTER, Willis Miss. 1941
Visits Mr. and Mrs. Parker S Article

FOSTER, Willis Pte. - Edmonton 1943
Passes Military Course S Article

FOSTER, Wynn Edmund Sgt. - 1943
Presumed dead S Death

FOSTINKO, Nikoli 1941 1886 M Death

FOSTNETT, Cecil - 12935 127 St. 1941
Issued Building permit S Article

FOSTOR, Kenneth Mr. and Mrs. 1940
Wedding Dance - Rivercourse M- Article

FOTHERGILL, J.G. - Edmonton 1942
Joins Army S Article

FOTHERINGHAM, J. 2nd Lieut. - 1943
Passes Officers course S Article

FOTHERINGHAM, James - Camrose 1943
Albertans win Army Commissions S Article

FOTHERINGHAM, James - Camrose 1943
Officers Graduate S Article

FOUCAR, Gordon 1942
Sault Ste. Marie Ont. M- Engagement

FOUCAR, Gordon 1942
Sault Ste.Marie M- Wedding

FOUCAR, Gordon 1942
Sault Ste. Marie, Ont. M- Engagement

FOUCAR, Grodon 1943
Toronto L Wedding

FOUCHER, A. Mr. and Mrs. 1941
60Th - Sylvan Lake M- Anniversary

FOUDE, Denis Percival LAC 1941
Took to Chute - Flyer missing M Article

FOUKS, Arthr 1941
University Debaters named for M Article

FOULDS, A. - Delburne 1942
Officers of Post Masters Assn. M-P Article

FOULDS, Frank 1942
Elected Scouts position M- Article

FOULDS, W. Mrs. 1942
Moves from city M- Article

FOULDS, W.F. Mr. and Mrs. 1940
Father visits Mr. C.H. Redge S Article

FOULDS, William 1942
Retires from Jounral L Article

FOULDS, William Mr. and Mrs. 1942
Move from city S Article

FOULDS, William Mrs. 1942
Honored on departure from city M Article

FOULKES, R.W. Mrs. 1943
Remove to Coast M- Article

FOUND, R.H. 1940 1885 L Death

FOUND, Richard Henry 1940
Estate Notice S Death

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