Edmonton Papers 1940-1944

Names Published_YR
From-Of Born About
Size Type

FROLICK, Peter 1943
Housebreaking Charge M Article

FROMANT, Arstide 1940
Morinville 1861
M- Death

FROMANT, James E. 1940
Car Stoken M- Article

FROOD, Alexander 1943
Sought by Nephew - LAC Alexander M Article

FROSE, A.D. Mrs. 1941
Grimshaw M- Article

FROST, A. - Grimshaw 1942
Moves from city M- Article

FROST, A.R. P/O 1942
Britisher Killed, Czechh Injured - Air M Article

FROST, A.W. 1942
Mirror - Moves from town M-P Article

FROST, Alin William 1940
M- Wedding

FROST, Allen William "bill" 1943
Taks officers training S Article

FROST, Arthur Mrs. 1941
Grimshaw 1883
M Death

FROST, C.A. Mr. and Mrs. 1941
Move from Edmonton M- Article

FROST, C.S. - St. John NB 1943
PPCLI Group Photo S+P Article

FROST, Charles E. 1943
M- Wedding

FROST, Charles E. 1943
M Wedding

FROST, Charles Mr. and Mrs. 1941
Honored on departure M- Article

FROST, E. Mrs. 1942
S InMem

FROST, Elizabeth E. 1941
2x S InMem

FROST, Elizabeth Edith 1940 1883 L Death

FROST, Elizabeth Edith 1940 1883 M Death

FROST, Elizabeth Mary 1943
Calgary L Wedding

FROST, Elizabeth Mary 1943
M+P Wedding

FROST, F.R. "Teddy" 1943
Calgary 1864
M Death

FROST, G.A. - Edmonton 1943
Volunteers for RCAF S Article

FROST, Harry Clare 1943
L Wedding

FROST, Henry J. - Edmonton 1943
Joins Army S Article

FROST, J. - Railwayman 1940
Transferred S Article

FROST, J.R. Pte. Canadian Forestry 1943
10646 97 St., Edmonton S Article

FROST, John Bert Sgt. - 1943
Missing after operations 1921
M-P Article

FROST, L.G. - Edmonton 1942
Joins army S Article

FROST, Mary 1943
M- Engagement

FROST, Mary Ann 1943
Funeral 1857
M Death

FROST, Mary Ann 1943 1857 M Death

FROST, Norman - Rocky Mountain 1942
Joins Veterans Guard M- Article

FROST, Stephen Robert Sgt. - 1941
Awarded Medal M- Article

FROST, Stephen Robert sgt. - 1942
Awarded decoriation M- Article

FROST, Sydney - Duffield 1942
Moves to town M- Article

FROST, Valarie Anne Josephine 1942
S InMem

FROST, Valerie Anne 1943
S InMem

FROST, Valerie Anne Josephine 1941 1936 L Death

FROST, Valerie Anne Josephine 1941
Funeral L Death

FROST, W.E. AB 1942
Five brothers in service M Article

FROST, Walter E. 1940
Edmonton Sailors - At Victoria M+P Article

FROST, William Joseph Tpr 1942
Dieppe Raid - Safe/Prisoner? M Article

FROST, William Joseph Tpr. 1942
Missing in Action M Death

FROST-DOWNES, George Mrs. 1942
Visits Mr. Downs S Article

FROTHINGHAM, Alfred Mrs. 1943
Visitor hurt M Article

FRUNO, Andrew 1941
Returns from England M Article

fry, Ernest Hale 1940
Volunteers for RCAF S Article

FRY, F.L. Pte - Red Deer 1943
CWAC Pass Course S Article

FRY, Frank Wesley - Mayor 1941
Returns city to complete deal L Article

FRY, Fred Mayor 1942
Returns from East Meeting M Article

FRY, Fred Mayor 1943
Opens new Hostel M+P Article

FRY, Fred Wesley - Mayor 1941
3 Independents in Field for Mayor L Article

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