Edmonton Papers 1940-1944

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GERLITZ, Elsie 1943
M- Wedding

GERLITZ, R.W. 1943
Reasons resigned from Police L Article

GERLITZ, Roy - Constable 1943
Resignations from City Police L Article

GERLITZ, Roy W. - Senior Constable 1943
Resigns from Police force L Article

GERLITZ, Roy William 1940
M- Wedding

GERLITZ, Roy William 1940
M- Engagement

GERMAIN, Fraser M. - Edmonton 1941
Editors Returning and Hotel bombed L Article

GERMAIN, Hector Mrs. 1942
St. Boniface, Manitoba 1874
M- Death

GERMAIN, Peter 1941
Cyclist fined - no light M Article

GERMAIN, Roy J. - Stettler 1940
Speeding Charge M Article

GERMAIN, Yvonne 1942
Injured in accident 1932
M Article

GERMAINE, P. - Edmonton 1943
Voluteers for RCAF S Article

GERMAINE, Peter - 10310 96 St. 1942
Vehicle Accident M Article

GERMAN, Anson A. 1942
Nephews attend funeral M- Death

GERMAN, Anson Alvin 1942 1869 M Death

GERMAN, Anson Alvin 1942 1869 S Death

GERMAN, George A. LAC 1942
Home on leave M- Article

GERMAN, George Anson - 1941
63 Recruits leave for R.C.A.F. Article

GERMAN, Harold Mrs. 1940
CNR - Visiting at coast S Article

GERMAN, Harold Mrs. 1940
Visiting cost S Article

GERMAN, Harold Mrs. C.N.R. 1940
Returns from holiday S Article

GERMAN, Neil V. 1940
Rhodes Scholar 1917
L Article

GERMAN, Neil V. 1940
Names Rhodes Scholarship M-P Article

GERMAN, Neil V. 1941
Admited to Bar L+P Article

GERMAN, Neil V. 1942
Given Price Board Post M+P Article

GERMAN, Neil V. 1942
L Wedding

GERMAN, Neil Victor 1942
M- Engagement

GERMAN, Neil Victor 1942
Calgary L Engagement

GERMANEY, Hazel 1943
M Wedding

CNR - Convolescing M- Article

GERMEIL, James 1942
Russell, Man 1926
S Death

GERMEROY, G. Alex Dr. 1942
Named Board Candidate M Article

GERMIN, Barbara 1941
having left my Bed and Board .. M- Article

GERMIN, Joseph 1941
Assault Charge S Article

GERMIUK, E. 1942
Seriously Ill M- Article

GEROUX, Richard 1942
Speeding Charge M- Article

GEROW, A.B. - Sexsmith 1943
Joins Army S Article

GEROW, C.H. F/O - Lloydminster 1942
Home on leave S Article

GEROW, C.H. Mr. and Mrs. 1943
Son visits Fred M- Article

GEROW, Clem Sgt.-Pilet 1943
Arrives overseas - From Lloydminster S Article

GEROW, George Capt. 1943
Fort William 1853
S Death

GEROW, H.L. - Wapiti 1942
Joins Army S Article

GEROW, J. 1942
(Late operator) Drug store sold M- Article

GEROW, J.B. Cpl. 1943
M- Engagement

GEROW, J.S. 1940
Pilots and Executive officers S+P Article

GEROW, Lylah - Sixsmith 1943
Leave for training S Article

GEROW, O.T. LAC 1943
Lloydminster - Passes military course M- Article

GEROW, Thelma a. 1943
Street Car Accident 1916
L Article

GERRARD, Evelyn 1941
Children Enjoy Empire Day 1934
S+P Article

GERRARD, H. Sgmn - Red Deer 1943
Now Reported POW M- Article

GERRARD, James - Red Deer 1943
Citys first paratrooper M- Article

GERRARD, Janet Martha 1943
M- Wedding

GERRARD, William George 1940 1864 M Death

GERRARD, William George 1940 1878 M Death

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