Edmonton Papers 1940-1944

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GORDON, R.L. "Dick" 1943
Attack on Catania Inferno L+P Article

GORDON, Ralph 1941
L Wedding

GORDON, Richard 1940
Fort Saskatchewan 1855
M Death

GORDON, Richard 1940
Partridge Hill 1855
M Death

GORDON, Robert G. 1942
Holidays M- Article

GORDON, Robert G. 1942
Mr. Wayne Holmes visits S Article

GORDON, Robert G. OS 1943
Albertans in Service 1920
M-P Article

GORDON, Ron 1942
Toronto L Death

GORDON, Samuel Mrs. 1941
Bruce/At Viking 1869
M Death

GORDON, Thomas F. 1940
Vancouver, B.C. 1920
M- Death

GORDON, Thomas H. P/O 1943
Promoted 1922
M+P Article

GORDON, Thomas H. Sgt.-Pilot 1942
Arrives Overseas M- Article

GORDON, Thomas H. Sgt.-Pilot 1942
Albertans in service M-P Article

GORDON, Thomas H. WO2 1943
Albertans in Service 1922
M-P Article

GORDON, Victor 1941
Winnipeg L Wedding

GORDON, Victor H. 1941
M- Engagement

GORDON, W. Pte. Canadian 1943
S Article

GORDON, W. Pte. Canadian 1943
Rocky Mountain House S Article

GORDON, W.A. - Hon. 1943
Toronto 1885
M Death

GORDON, W.A. Mr. and Mrs. 1941
Son visits Archibald S Article

GORDON, W.E. - CNR 1942
Back from Vacation S Article

GORDON, W.H. 1942
Calgary - Harass Nazis on Europeran M Article

GORDON, W.H. F/O 1942
Albertans in Service M-P Article

GORDON, W.H. Flight-Lieut 1943
Missing in Action M-P Article

GORDON, W.H. Flt.-Lt. 1942
Promoted - Red Deer M-P Article

GORDON, W.M. Lieut 1941
Veterans receive Musketry Awards M- Article

GORDON, Walter M. - Edmonton 1942
28 New Commissioners for Oaths S Article

GORDON, Wilfred - Red Deer 1941
Awarded Wings M- Article

GORDON, William 1943
M- Death

GORDON, William 1943
Vehicle Accident 1883
M Article

GORDON, William 1943
L Death

GORDON, William AC1 - Winnipeg 1943
Plane explodes M Article

GORDON, William M. Sgt.-Major 1943
Small Biography L+P Article

GORDON, William N. 1943
Funeral L Death

GORDULIC, Mike 1941
Intoxicated driving charge S Article

GORDY, Nick - St. Paul 1942
Joins RCAF S Article

GORE-HICKMAN, Megan Fricourt 1941
Red Deer M Wedding

GORE-HICKMAN, T. O'B Capt. 1942
Given new post M Article

Red Deer - Appointed Adjutant M- Article

GORE-HICKMAN, Thomas O.H. 1943
Promoted M Article

GORE-HICKMAN, Thomas O'B 1941
Admitted to Bar L+P Article

M- Wedding

GORESKY, Adelside 1943
L Wedding

GORESKY, I.W. MA - Ex-MLA 1941
School Inspection staff M Article

GORGICHUK, Andrew - Kaleland 1941
Recently Enlisted S Article

GORGICHUK, George - Two Hills 1941
Recently Enlisted S Article

GORHAM, C.J. - Hines Creek 1943
Volunteers for R.C.A.F. S Article

GORHAM, Marie - Edmonton 1941
1st Group Women to Training S Article

GORHAM, Marie - Edmonton 1941
20 Women leave for Training S+P Article

GORHAM, Marie D. Sgt. - Edmonton 1942
Calgary - Promoted M- Article

GORHAM, Mary 1943
Leaves for her Wedding S Article

GORHAM, Mary 1943
2X Bridal Shower/Gathering S Article

GORHAM, Mary 1943
Bridal Shower/Gathering M Article

GORHAM, Mary 1943
Leaves for her wedding M- Article

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