Edmonton Papers 1940-1944

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GOSNELL, Dorothy Catherine 1940
M- Engagement

GOSS, A. Rev. 1941
Thorsby - Heads Lutheran Synod M- Article

GOSS, C.R. 1940
Letter to Editor M Article

GOSS, C.R. 1942
Awrded building permit - dwelling S Article

GOSS, C.R. 1942
Building permit issued to S Article

GOSS, C.R. Sgt. 1941
Veterans receive Musketry Awards M- Article

GOSS, Marie Eleanor 1943
M- Wedding

GOSS, Marie Eleanor 1943
L Wedding

GOSS, Marie Eleanor 1943
M- Engagement

GOSSAGE, G. Murray Mrs. 1942
Visits Parents - Mr. and Mrs. George M- Article

GOSSE, Clarke Hamilton 1942
Windsor L Wedding

GOSSEL, C.K. - Ardrossan 1942
Joins Army S Article

GOSSELIN, Arthenise Bergeron Rev. 1943 1873 L Death

GOSSELIN, Arthenise Bergeron Rev. 1943 1873 M Death

GOSSELIN, Fernande M. - 1943
Passes Military Course S Article

GOSSELIN, Lucienne Pte. - 1943
CWAC - Pin up girl compitition S Article

GOSSEN, Kathleen 1940
Vancouver, B.C. M- Wedding

GOSSEN, L.M. - Edson 1943
Pilots Commissioned S Article

GOSSETT, John Ralph Allen 1940
Stony Plain M- Wedding

GOSSETT, John Ralph Allen 1940
M- Engagement

GOSTICK, Edith Mrs. M.L.A. 1940
Photo M+P Article

GOSTNELL, H.I. - Berwyn 1942
Joins RCAF S Article

GOTHARD, G. Mr. and Mrs. 1942
visit Mr. and Mrs. Robert Smith S Article

GOTHARD, June Eva 1943
M Wedding

GOTHARD, June Eva 1943
M- Wedding

Goes to new position M- Article

GOTHERIDGE, Fred Mr. and Mrs. 1942
Rouned Hill - Move from town S Article

GOTHERIDGE, Fred Mrs. 1942
Moves from district M- Article

GOTLIEB, D.L. Mrs. 1943
Jewish refugee children in desparate L Article

GOTO, Riuko 1943
Council Sanctions Residence Japanese L Article

GOTO, Sadko Miss. 1943
Council Sanctions Residence Japanese L Article

GOTO, Sadko Miss. 1943
Request to live here M Article

GOTT, William Henry Lt.-Gen 1942
Active Service L Death

GOTTAELIG, P.P. Cpl. - 10822 72 1942
Returns from Dieppe Raid S Article

Head Kiwanis Clubhere to organize L Article

Kiwanis club president M-P Article

President Kiwanis Club S Article

Sworn in as Naval officer S Article

To leave for Navy Course M- Article

GOTTFRED, L.A. - Edmonton 1942
Granted Commission S Article

GOTTFRED, Ray Lieut 1943
Mentioned in article L Article

GOTTSCHALK, Amandus 1940 1890 M Death

GOTTSCHALK, Mabel V. Pte. - 1942
Graduates from CWAC Course S Article

GOTTSCHALK, Martha 1941
M- Wedding

Coyotes for pets areexperimental - L Article

GOTTSELIG, Peter - 10822 72 Ave 1942
Injured in Vehicle Accident M Article

GOTTSELLIG, William 1942
M- Wedding

GOUAY, A. Sgt. - Calgary 1942
Wins shooting award M- Article

GOUBAULT, Andre 1943
Lindbrook 1881
M Death

GOUCH, Lillian Florence 1940
L Wedding

GOUCH, Lillian Florence 1940
M- Wedding

GOUCHE, Hans Henry - Sexsmith 1942
Joins RCAF 1919
L Article

GOUCHEE, C.D. L/Cpl. 1943
Army Promotions S Article

GOUCHER, Lucilla Sylvia Mrs. 1940
M- Death

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