Edmonton Papers 1940-1944

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GRAPENTIN, Egon 1942
Talented Violinist Recital M- Article

GRAPENTIN, Egon 1943
Music Story M Article

GRAPENTIN, Irmgrad Martha 1941
M- Engagement

GRAPENTIN, Irngrad Martha 1941
M- Engagement

GRAPENTIN, Irngrad Martha 1941
M- Wedding

GRAPENTIN, Irngrad Martha 1941
L Wedding

GRAPENTINE, C.H. - Millet 1942
Joins Army S Article

GRASBY, George -Vermilion 1941
Vermilion Building Continues Upgrade S Article

GRASBY, Robert 1941
S InMem

GRASBY, Robert 1943
S InMem

GRASDAHL, Myrtle 1940
M- Wedding

GRASDAL, Crystal "Tusch" 1940
S InMem

GRASDAL, Crystal "Tusch" 1941
S InMem

GRASDAL, Crystal (Tusch) 1942
S InMem

GRASDAL, S. - Edmonton 1943
Volunteers for R.C.A.F. S Article

GRASDAL, Stan 1940
M- Wedding

GRASSE, Peter Lewis 1940
Victoria, B.C./Ex-Edmonton 1858
M- Death

Joins Army Active S Article

GRASSICK, A. - Edmonton 1942
Joins Army S Article

GRASSICK, Gordon H. F/O 1942
Flies now Overseas M Article

GRASSICK, R.D. Flt.-Lt. - London Ont 1941
Awarded Medal S+P Article

GRATHAN, E.N. - Ottawa 1941
Visits Edmonton M- Article

GRATHWAITE, William - CNR 1941
Railway men retire M- Article

GRATRIX, Mary Jane 1940
North Cooking Lake 1858
M Death

GRATTON, Marie Gwendolyn 1942
Missing Person L+P Article

GRATTONE, J. - Byemoore 1942
Joins Army S Article

GRAULUND, E.J. - Ronan 1943
Joins R.C.A.F. Womans Div. S Article

GRAUMANN, E.N. - High Prairie 1942
Joins Army S Article

GRAUNKE, Herbert Albert William 1941
(Infant) - Brudefelt 1941
M- Death

GRAUNKE, Herman 1940 1861 M Death

GRAUNKI, Herman 1941 1919 S InMem

GRAVEL, E.J. - Highridge 1943
Joins Army S Article

GRAVEL, Joseph 1943
Playing pIano M+P Article

GRAVEL, Joseph - Beumant 1941
Driving Charge M- Article

GRAVEL, L.P. - Edmonton 1943
Awarded Commissions S Article

GRAVEL, Marcel - Donnelly 1942
Passes RCAF Course S Article

GRAVELL, Armand J. 1941
Naval Ratings arrive in East S Article

GRAVELL, K.M. LAC - Vancouver BC 1942
Wins Medal M Article

GRAVELL, Karl LAC - Vancouver 1942
Medals presentation M- Death

GRAVELL, Karl M. LAC - Vancouver 1942
68 Getting Awrdsfor Duty Devotion S Article

GRAVELL, Karl Mander LAC - 1941 1920 L Death

GRAVELL, Winifred B. Garton 1941
M- Engagement

GRAVELLE, Frederica Elinor 1940
M- Wedding

GRAVELLE, Joseph Victor 1941 1857 M Death

GRAVELLE, Joseph Victor 1941
Calmar 1857
M- Death

GRAVELLE, Winifred 1941
Bridal Shower/Gathering L Article

GRAVELLE, Winifred B. 1941
M- Wedding

GRAVELY, W.H. Sgt. 1943
Method of Instruction course S Article

GRAVER, Leonard LAC - Edmonton 1942
Passes RCAF Course S Article

GRAVERT, Irene 1943
S Wedding

GRAVES, Claude Mrs. 1943
visits husband for short visit S Article

GRAVES, Constable 1940
Organize Veterans Volunteer reserve S Article

GRAVES, Earl S. 1941
McMurray L Death

GRAVES, G.H. - Fallis 1943
Volunteers for R.C.A.F. S Article

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