Edmonton Papers 1940-1944

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GRIMSTEAD, Amy Marie 1940 1934 M Death

Named Baptist Moderator M Article

GRIMWOOD, Violet 1943
Vehicle Accident M- Article

GRIMWOOD, Violet 1943
Vehicle Accident 1926
S Article

GRINDE, Albert 1943
Drayton Valley - Loss of stock M- Article

GRINDE, Elsie Miss. 1941
New Work Location S Article

GRINDE, John AC 1941
Returns to duty - Rimbey S Article

GRINDE, John P/O 1943
Home on Leave M-P Article

GRINDE, John Sr. Mr. and Mrs. - 1941
Son visits LAC John Grinde S Article

GRINDLE, John - Rimbey 1942
Son visits John Grindle S Article

GRINE, J.A. - Rimbey 1943
RCAF Albertans Graduate S Article

GRINER, Kathleen 1941
L Wedding

GRINER, Kay 1941
M- Wedding

GRINER, Kay 1941
Bridal Shower/Gathering M Article

GRINEVITCH, Jacob 1942
Sow from Warspite wins M Article

GRINNELL, Raymond William 1942 1912 M Death

GRINSRUDE, Joanna Miss. 1943
Resigns Position M- Article

GRISDALE, F.S. Dr. 1942
Gets Ottawa Post M+P Article

GRISDALE, Frank - Lethbridge 1942
Speaks to Stock Growers L Article

GRISDALE, Larretia Elizabeth 1941
Olds - Damaged Article L+P Wedding

GRISDALE, Lloyd 1942
President Student Union - University M-P Article

GRISDALE, Lloyd C. 1942
Students Decline let LeaderQuit M Article

GRISDALE, Lloyd G. - Student Union 1942
Varsity Senate M- Article

GRISDALE, W.L. - Edmonton 1942
New Navy Enginering officers S Article

GRISENTHWAITE, D.A. - Vancouver 1942
Joins Army S Article

Newest Merrick Drug Store opens - M+P Article

GRISWOLD, Arthur W. 1943
Member Chamber of Com. Committee S Article

GRITTNER, Della May (Mrs. Julius 1943
McLennan L Death

GROAT, Agnes Margaret 1943
Spruce Grove M- Engagement

GROAT, Allan carrick Sgt. - 1943
Granted RCAF Commission S Article

GROAT, Allen H. 1943
Son of Pioneer Enlists Airforce M Article

GROAT, Barbara Elizabeth 1940
M Wedding

GROAT, Clara Miss. 1943
spent weekend in Calgary S Article

GROAT, Ernest John 1940
M- Wedding

GROAT, G. Mrs. 1943
Ex-Edmonton visits Mr. and Mrs. H. S Article

GROAT, George M. 1941 1866 M Article

GROAT, Robert 1942
M- Engagement

GROAT, Robert 1942
Abbotsford M- Engagement

GROBERMAN, Maurice 1940 1915 M-P Death

GROBERMAN, Maurice 1940
Feared Sea Tragedy Victim - Calgary 1915
M Article

GROCHALSKI, Joseph 1941
Break and Enter charge M Article

GRODELAND, John Mrs. 1942
Returned from short trip S Article

GRODON, W.H. F/O - Red Deer 1942
Took part in Dieppe Raid S Article

GROFF, Alexander Rogers 1942 1858 L Death

GROFF, Alexander Rogers 1942
Funeral 1858
L Death

GROFF, Alexander Rogers 1942
2x 1858
L+P Death

GROFF, Alexander Rogers 1942 1858 M Death

GROFF, Colin Wilson 1940
L Wedding

GROFF, Colin Wilson 1940
M- Engagement

GROFF, Colin Wilson 1940
M- Wedding

GROFF, Colin Wilson 1940
Bridal Shower/Gathering M Article

GROFF, E.E. Major 1942
Promoted M Article

GROFF, Evelyn Miss. 1940
Honored on Departure M- Article

GROFF, Evelyn Miss. 1941
Visits Parents Lt.-Col and Mrs. H.K. M- Article

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