Edmonton Papers 1940-1944

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GROFF, H.K. A/Lt.-Col 1941
Gets new post S Article

GROFF, H.K. Lt.-Col 1941
Moves from city M- Article

GROFF, H.K. Lt.-Col 1943
Ex-Edmonton Visits M Article

GROFF, Henry 1941
Donalda At Stettler M- Wedding

GROFF, Miriam Miss. 1941
Edmonton Harpists 1925
S+P Article

GROFF, Miriam Miss. 1941
Honored on departure M Article

GROFF, W.R. Sgt.-Pilot 1941
Passes RCAF Course 1919
M+P Article

GROFF, W.R. Sgt.-Pilot 1942
Mising overseas M Article

GROFF, Wilfrid Sgt. 1942
Helped save Victim M Article

GROMMERS, Audrey 1940
S Wedding

GROMMERS, Audrey Dorothy 1941
M- Wedding

Edmonton - RCA Training Group photo S+P Article

GRONDOLEN, Ingvar 1942
Disturbance while drink S Article

GRONER, Arthur James 1943
Lougheed M Death

GRONER, Arthur James 1943
Lougheed 1879
M Death

GRONER, Arthur James 1943
Lougheed 1937
L Death

GRONLUND, Anelise - High River 1943
Leave for RCAF (WD) Training S Article

GRONLUND, Anelise M. - High River 1943
Woman Joins R.C..A.F S Article

GRONWOLD, Mathew 1941
Funeral L Death

GROOMBRIDGE, Edith Jean 1942
M- Wedding

GROOMES, W.A. 1942
Graduates as 1st Lieut. S Article

GROOT, W.J. - Edmonton 1942
Joins RCAF S Article

GROPSTIS, Chuck - Pilot 1941
San francisco L Death

GROSE, Leslie Richard 1942
M- Engagement

GROSLY, W.J. 1940
Buys Jewelry Business M- Article

GROSS, Edward 1943
M- Wedding

GROSS, Edward 1943
M+P Wedding

GROSS, G. - Goodsoil Sask. 1942
Joins Army S Article

GROSS, G. Mr. and Mrs. 1942
Wildwood - 25th S Anniversary

GROSS, Samuel James 1940 1875 M Death

GROSSI, Agenero @ Eugene A. 1943
Estate Notice S Death

GROSSI, Eugene A. 1943 1886 M Death

GROSSI, Eugene A. 1943
Estate Notice S Death

GROSSMAN, Fred 1942
Inhaled Fumes - In Hospital L Article

GROSSMAN, I.J. Sgt. 1942
Transferred from Air Centre S Article

GROSSMAN, Jack sgt. 1942
Transferred to new post S Article

GROSSMAN, Jack Sgt. 1942
Posted to new duties M- Article

GROSSMAN, Jack Sgt. 1942
Recruiting story L Article

GROSSMAN, V. - Edmonton 1942
Joins RCAF (WD) S Article

GROSSO, Julia 1941
Graduates from Youth School S Article

GROSSO, Samuel 1941
Rocky Mountain House 1876
M Death

GROSVENOR, Robert 1940
Heir Won't take Estate - Calgary 1872
L Article

GROTT, J.V. - Hanna 1943
Passes Military Course S Article

GROTT, John Spr - Hanna 1942
Troops on Radio S Article

GROUIX, A. Mr. and Mrs. - Winfield 1940
Move to Edmonton S Article

GROULX, A.I. - Edmonton 1942
Joins Army S Article

GROULX, Anna (Mrs. Albert) 1943 1874 M Death

GROULX, E. 1943
3rd Battalion Fusilers Promotions S Article

GROULX, E. Cpl. 1942
Home on leave M- Article

GROULX, E. Mr. and Mrs. 1942
Daughter visits Mrs. R.B. Ainslie S Article

GROUND, J. - Winterburn 1942
Joins Army S Article

GROUT, C. 1942
Abbotsford BC S Wedding

GROUT, D.A. Ald 1940
Resigns to contest Mayoralty L+P Article

GROUT, D.A. Ald. 1940
Resigns from Council M Article

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