Edmonton Papers 1940-1944

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GUMMOW, George C. 1940
North Red Deer 1909
M- Death

GUMMOW, J.D. - Red Deer 1943
Volunteers for R.C.A.F. S Article

GUNDERSON, Arthur 1941
Worthless Cheque Charge M Article

GUNDERSON, D.K. - Lieut 1943
2nd Bn Fusiliers Promotions S Article

GUNDERSON, D.K. Lieut 1943
Qualifies for promotion S Article

GUNDERSON, David K. Lieut. 1942
Appointed to training Centre S Article

GUNDERSON, David Mr. and Mrs. 1941
Holiday M- Article

GUNDERSON, Derek 1941
Leading Role "Maid and Golden M+P Article

CNR - New appointment M- Article

Given important Post M Article

Leaves Chamber office M Article

Manager of Peat, Marwick, Michel M+P Article

GUNDERSON, E.M. - 10224 130 St. 1942
Vehicle Accident M- Article

GUNDERSON, E.M. Mr. and Mrs. 1942
Attend conference S Article

GUNDERSON, Edwin Barney 1940
Dawson Creek 1878
M- Death

GUNDERSON, Gus - Provost 1941
Vehicle Accident M- Article

GUNDERSON, Hazel Mrs. 1942
Returns from holiday S Article

GUNDERSON, J.G. - Drumheller 1942
Passes RCAF Course S Article

GUNDERSON, Joseph Mr. and Mrs. 1941
Bawlf - 25Th M- Anniversary

GUNDERSON, Lorraine - Ex- 1943
Joins Code and Signal corps M- Article

GUNDERSON, Lorraine AW 1943
Pass Military Course M Article

GUNDERSON, Lorraine Miss. 1942
Moving from city to join Parents E.M. M- Article

GUNDERSON, M. - Edmonton 1942
Fly on Dieppe raide M- Article

GUNDERSON, Mabel 1943
Bawlf M Wedding

GUNDERSON, Morris AC1 1941
M- Engagement

GUNN, A. Mrs. - Bentley 1942
Rents house and leaves M- Article

GUNN, Alex 1942 1880 M Death

GUNN, Ardis Effie 1943
Paradise Valley L Wedding

GUNN, Bessie Irene 1942
Ardrossan M- Wedding

GUNN, D.J. - CPR 1941
Retires from red Deer S Article

GUNN, D.J.- CNR 1942
Retires M- Article

GUNN, F.A. Cpl. 1942
Return from overseas for S+P Article

GUNN, F.A. Cpl. - 10859 93 St. 1942
Returns from overseas S Article

GUNN, Frederick A. 1943
Finded for thowing Plate L Article

GUNN, Frederick Mr. and Mrs. 1941
Daughter visits Mrs. Robert Lyon M- Article

GUNN, G. Bradford 1941
L Wedding

GUNN, G. Bradford 1941
M- Wedding

GUNN, G.B. - Furness, Sask. 1942
Joins Army S Article

GUNN, G.B. Lieut. 1943
Awarded commision S Article

GUNN, Gerry 1941
Ex-Edmonton visits S Article

GUNN, Helen 1941
L+P Wedding

GUNN, Helen 1941
Lloydminster L Wedding

GUNN, Helen 1941
M- Wedding

GUNN, Helen Jean Lyons 1941
M- Engagement

GUNN, Helen Jean Lyons 1941
S Engagement

GUNN, Howard E. 1940
Vancouver, B.C. M- Engagement

GUNN, Ian 1942
Calgary students at University S Article

GUNN, J. Sgt. 1943
4 Reserve Armored Div Ordinance S Article

GUNN, J.A. - Onoway 1942
Joins RCAF S Article

GUNN, J.C. Sgt. 1941
Missing on Aircraft M Article

GUNN, Jean Miss. - Nurse 1941
Toronto M- Death

GUNN, June - Calgary 1940
Missing Person M- Article

GUNN, June - Calgary 1940
Missing - Found M- Article

GUNN, Peter 1942
Injured in train Accident 1890
L Article

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