Edmonton Papers 1940-1944

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HARDY, Archie V. Sgt.-Pilot 1942
M Wedding

HARDY, C.E. - Edmonton 1943
Graduate Officers Trg. S Article

HARDY, Catherine (Mrs. Frank) 1941 1877 M Death

HARDY, Donald Barnes 1943
Wounded M-P Article

HARDY, Donald Barnes Pte. - 1943
Severly Wounded S Article

HARDY, Douglas Bruce AC 1941
Serously Ill M Article

HARDY, G.W. 1943
Transferred Edmonton M- Article

HARDY, George 1942
Directing Play M+P Article

HARDY, George E. - Edmonton 1943
Military Promotions S Article

HARDY, Harriet Opal 1941
L Wedding

HARDY, Harriet Opal 1941
M- Wedding

HARDY, Helen 1942
Hosts new Study group - University M- Article

HARDY, Helen 1943
D: Dr. W.G. - Leaves for new Post M- Article

HARDY, Helen Miss. 1942
Visits Miss. Grace Weatherilt M- Article

HARDY, J. Cpl - Wainwright 1943
Arrives Overseas S Article

HARDY, J. Mr. and Mrs. 1941
Cousin visits Mrs. Paul Rowe S Article

HARDY, Jack Edwin 1942
Tofield M- Wedding

HARDY, James 1941
Divorce Action S Death

HARDY, John 1943
Ex-Edmonton/England M Article

HARDY, John B. Sgt. Pilot 1942
New Appointment - Safeway L+P Article

HARDY, John Forster 1940
Pittsburgh M Wedding

HARDY, K.P. - Edmonton 1942
Joins RCAF S Article

HARDY, Lillian H. 1941
Divorce Action S Article

HARDY, Margaret "Mardy" 1940
M- Wedding

HARDY, Margaret W. Mrs. 1941
Didsbury/At Vancouver 1875
M- Death

HARDY, Nellie (Mrs. Benjamin) 1943
M- Death

HARDY, Opal Mildred Harriet 1941
M- Engagement

HARDY, R.M. 1941
Chairman of Edmonton Engineering M+P Article

HARDY, Richard Elliott 1940 1930 M Death

HARDY, Richard Elliott 1940
Funeral 1930
L Death

HARDY, Robert Prof. 1942
Leaves for Aluminum Company for M- Article

HARDY, Roy Leighton 1942 1874 M Death

HARDY, Roy Leighton 1942
Funeral 1874
M Death

HARDY, Shirley Aleda 1943
M- Wedding

HARDY, Tom Capt. 1943
Falls at Blaze - Hurt M Article

HARDY, V.A. 1940
Viking Town Ad M Article

HARDY, Virginia Lee 1942
Awarded Music Medal M+P Article

HARDY, W. George Dr. and Mrs. 1943
Daughter visits Helen M- Article

HARDY, W.A. Mrs. 1942
Leaves to join husband M- Article

HARDY, W.G. Capt. 1942
COTC Promotions S Article

HARDY, W.G. Capt. 1943
Promotion Exams S Article

HARDY, W.G. Dr. 1940
to be speaker Little Theatre L Article

HARDY, W.G. Dr. 1941
New Book Written by M- Article

HARDY, W.G. Dr. 1942
Writes fourth Book M- Article

HARDY, W.G. Dr. 1942
To address banquet M- Article

HARDY, W.G. Dr. 1942
Returns from trip M- Article

HARDY, W.G. Dr. 1942
Profesor returns from short trip S Article

HARDY, W.G. Dr. 1942
Adventure in New Democracy L Article

HARDY, W.G. Dr. 1942
Returns for weekend S Article

HARDY, William 1941
Banker Transferred M- Article

HARDY, William 1942
of Calgary L Death

HARDY, William Wilfred 1942
Ponoka - Funeral L Death

HARE, A.C. - Edmonton 1942
Joins Army S Article

HARE, Arnold F. 1943

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