Edmonton Papers 1940-1944

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HARRIS, Sam 1943
Ex-CNE 1865
M Death

HARRIS, Theodore 1940
Edmonton - Leaves for RCAF Training S Article

HARRIS, Theodore Mrs. 1940
Leaves to Join husband S Article

HARRIS, Thomas 1941 1875 M- Death

HARRIS, Thomas 1943
Victom Pigeon theft M- Article

HARRIS, Thomas P. 1942
Appointed Purchasing Agent M+P Article

HARRIS, Vera 1943
Bridal Shower/Gathering M- Article

HARRIS, Vera Joan 1943
M- Engagement

HARRIS, Vera Joan 1943
M- Wedding

HARRIS, Vera Joan 1943
L Wedding

HARRIS, Vera Miss. 1940
Piolt flies from Calgary M- Article

HARRIS, Violet A. 1941
M- Wedding

HARRIS, Violet Alberta 1941
M- Engagement

HARRIS, W.G. Mr. and Mrs. 1943
25Th M- Anniversary

HARRIS, W.G. Mrs. 1942
Installed District President Rebekah M- Article

HARRIS, W.L. Mr. and Mrs. 1943
Life Saved - Regina L Article

HARRIS, W.S. 1943
Vernon Publisher 1879
L Death

HARRIS, Walter F. 1941
Letter to Editor L Article

HARRIS, Walter F. - Red Deer 1941
Letter to Editor L Article

HARRIS, Wesley Pasmore P/O 1943
Toronto 1916
M- Death

HARRIS, William 1942 1874 M Death

HARRIS, William 1943
S InMem

HARRIS, William - Spruce Grove 1940
Leaves for RCAF Training S Article

HARRIS, William - Spruce Grove 1941
Home on Leave S Article

HARRIS, William C. 1943
Hardisty 1880
M Death

HARRIS, William G. LAC 1941
London, Ont. M Wedding

HARRIS, William R. - 1942
Enlists with RCAF S Article

HARRIS, William Sgt. - Vancouver 1943
Awarded D.F.M. M- Article

HARRISH, Olive 1941
Vegreville/at Calmar M- Wedding

HARRISON, A. - 61st R Battery 1943
Pass for Sergeant S Article

HARRISON, A. - Hughenden 1943
Auto cates fire M Article

HARRISON, A.G. Mrs. 1941
visits daughter Mrs. Alfred Allen S Article

HARRISON, A.H. - Tofield 1942
Joins RCAF S Article

HARRISON, Aileen 1943
L Wedding

HARRISON, Aileen Marie 1943
M- Wedding

HARRISON, Alice Mrs. 1942
Glendon 1872
M Death

HARRISON, Aline May 1940
M- Wedding

HARRISON, Allan Sgt.-Pilot 1943
Arrives overseas M+P Article

HARRISON, Art 1942
Purchases Angelus Hotel L Article

HARRISON, Arthur 1943
Vehicle Accident 1903
M Article

HARRISON, B.R. - Jasper 1942
Passes RCAF Course S Article

HARRISON, Cameron 1943
Receives Degree M- Article

HARRISON, D.R. - Medicine Hat 1941
Made Lieutenants M- Article

HARRISON, E.A. Bdr. - Calgary 1943
Injured M Article

HARRISON, Edna 1942
Honored on joining CW Auxiliary A.F. M- Article

HARRISON, Edna - Blackfoot 1943
Passes Military Course L Article

Arrives overseas - From Lloydminster S Article

HARRISON, Esther Jean 1940
M- Engagement

HARRISON, Evelyn Theresa 1940 1921 M Death

HARRISON, F. - Blackfoot 1942
Joins RCAF S Article

HARRISON, Florence (Mrs. Arthur 1942 1876 L Death

HARRISON, Florence (Mrs. Arthur 1942
L Death

HARRISON, Fred Mr. and Mrs. 1943
Glendon - Holiday S Article

HARRISON, G. Miss. - Drayton 1941
New Teacher M- Article

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