Edmonton Papers 1940-1944

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HARVIE, J.C. - Dixonville 1943
Airmen receive Badges S Article

HARVIE, James Allen 1941
M- Wedding

HARVIE, James Allen 1941
L Wedding

HARVIE, John 1942
Minister of Lands S+P Article

HARVIE, John 1942
Visits Uncle - Mr. and Mrs. Eric L. S Article

HARVIE, Robert John 1943
M Wedding

HARVIE, Robert John 1943
M- Wedding

HARWELL, J. Mr. and Mrs. 1943
Daughter visits Cpl. Jessie Harwell M- Article

HARWOOD, Harry Hopkis 1942 1889 M Death

HARWOOD, Harry Hopkis 1942 1889 M- Death

HARWOOD, Mervin 1941
S Wedding

HARWOOD, Richard 1941
Fort Vermilion M- Engagement

HARZR, Thomas William 1942
M- Engagement

HASACH, Allan 1941
Illegal shooting game - Winterburn M Article

HASAY, J. - Innisfree 1942
Joins Army S Article

HASEGAWA, James 1942
Council Allows 3 Jap Families in City L Article

HASEGOWA, Henry 1942
Ask City to Admit 9 more BC Japs L Article

HASELL, F.H. Eva Miss. MB 1943
Anglican Sunday School Mission L Death

HASENURCK, W. - Vermilion 1942
Joins Army S Article

HASINOFF, D. Dr. - Marwayne 1941
Veteran Assistants can enlist men S Article

HASINOFF, David Dr. 1943
Leaves Marwayne M- Article

HASKELL, Frederick Mrs. 1941
Released from Hospital S Article

HASKELL, Ida (Mrs. A. Fred) 1943
M- Death

HASKENSON, Malfred P/O - Berwyn 1942
Recent Grad home on leave S Article

HASKENSTAD, C.M. - Edmonton 1943
Volunteers for RCAF S Article

HASKIDS, Robert Mr. and Mrs. - 1942
Daughter visits Mrs. Marskell S Article

HASKINS, Alfred J. 1942
Sought by Brother - Martin M- Article

HASKINS, R. - Clive 1943
Moves, returns for effects S Article

HASKINS, Robert - Clive 1943
Retires from Farming M+P Article

HASKINS, Ronald 1940
Tofield M- Wedding

Won't run for Re-Election M Article

HASLETT, Rob LAC - Vancouver 1943
M- Death

HASLETT, Robert LAC - Vancouver 1943
In Alaska 1910
M Death

HASLOP, C.K. - Ferintosh 1943
Joins RCAF S Article

HASLOP, G.K.A. - Edmonton 1941
Passes RCAF Course S Article

HASLOP, G.K.A. - Edmonton 1943
Albert men promoted S Article

HASLOP, G.K.A. Sgt. - Edmonton 1943
Awarded commission S Article

HASLOP, G.K.A. Sgt.-Pilot 1942
Arrives overseas M- Article

HASLOP, George K.A. - P/O 1943
Promoted M-P Article

HASSAN, A.L. Sgt.-Pilot - Edmonton 1941
Mention Night Raid Article S Article

HASSAN, Alec Sgt.-Pilot 1941
Missing Overseas 1910
L+P Article

HASSAN, Alexander L.D. LAC 1941
Awarded wings 1911
M Article

HASSAN, Cecilia 1943
Honored on Departure M- Article

HASSARD, Jason Capt. 1942
Flies 2,400,000 Miles 1914
M Article

HASSARD, John - Rivercourse 1941
Honored on departure from town S Article

HASSARD, Molly - Rivercourse 1941
Honored on departure from town S Article

HASSARD, Phyllis Miss. 1940
Visits Uncle and Aunt - C.H. Parker S Article

HASSEY, P. - Edmonton 1942
Joins Army S Article

HASTIE, A.E. Miss. 1942
Mrs. Thomas Killin visits S Article

HASTIE, Alberta 1943
To entertain at tea M- Article

HASTIE, Alberta Miss. 1943
Chairman Council on Nutrition M-P Article

HASTIE, Alberta Miss. 1943
New President of Nutrition Council M Article

HASTIE, E.A. Miss. 1941
Instructor of Alberta Women's M Article

HASTIE, F.J. - Edmonton 1943
Win Commissions S Article

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