Edmonton Papers 1940-1944

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HASTIE, Frank James Lieut 1943
M- Wedding

HASTIE, Frank James Lieut 1943
Victoria M- Wedding

HASTINGS, Hugh 1942
Believed dead Winfield Fire L Death

HASTINGS, John Russell 1942
New York M Death

HASTINGS, Joseph Henry 1940
Wetaskiwin M Wedding

HASTINGS, Mary 1943
M- Wedding

HASTINGS, Mary Ann 1941
Estate Notice S Death

HASTINGS, Mary Ann (Mrs. Patrick) 1941
M Death

HASTINGS, Mary Ann (Mrs. Patrick) 1941
Estate Notice S Death

HASTINGS, Mary Ann (Mrs. Patrick) 1941
Funeral L Death

HASTINGS, Robert 1943
Vehicle Accident M Article

HASTINGS, Velma Jean 1943
M Death

HASTINGS, Velma Jean Miss. 1943
Funeral L Death

HASTINGS, William Henry 1940
Winnipeg - Prosecutor M- Article

HASTLE, Alberta Miss. 1943
Chairman of Edmonton Nutrition M+P Article

HASTNOFF, David Dr. 1943
New practice - Mannville S Article

HASWELL, Bettie (nee Brown) 1941
Leaves to join husband S Article

HASWELL, Hellen (Mrs. George) 1942
Funeral 1892
L Death

HASWELL, Hellen (Mrs. George) x 1942 1892 L Death

HASWELL, Hellen Mrs. 1942 1892 M Death

HASWELL, Hellen Mrs. 1942 1892 L Death

HASWELL, Leo Morgan 1940
M- Wedding

HASZARD, Anne Mrs. 1940
Visits Son Allan Haszard S Article

HASZARD, Anne Mrs. 1943
Nephew visits - Donald Laurie S Article

HASZARD, Annie 1941
Birthday Party 1861
M- Birth

HAT, Kathleen 1942
M- Engagement

HATCH, Bruce 1943
Auto Attempted to be Stolen M- Article

HATCH, George 1942
Garage Fire M- Article

HATCH, George M. 1941
Becomes Director M+P Article

HATCH, James 1941
Pounce Coup 1851
M- Death

HATCHER, A.J. - Edmonton 1943
Awarded commission S+P Article

HATCHER, Alice (Mrs. Ernest) 1941
Colinton 1885
M Death

HATCHER, Alice (Mrs. Ernest) 1941
Funeral 1885
L Death

HATCHER, Alice Mrs. 1942
S InMem

HATELT, O. - Fort Saskatchewan 1943
Volunteers for RCAF S Article

HATELY, Sam Sgt. - McBride, B.C. 1943
Sicily Article M Article

HATFIELD, L. Mrs. - Wainwright 1943
Moves to Coast M- Article

HATFIELD, Mary A. 1941
Bashaw 1873
S Death

HATFIELD, W.M. Sgt.-Pilot - Calgary 1942
Presumed M Death

HATHAWAY, Douglas - Stranger 1941
Wedding dance held S Article

HATHAWAY, Francis Raymond Sgt. 1943
AT Quebec M- Death

HATHAWAY, Mildred 1940
Stranger S Wedding

HATLEN, Mary Drummond 1941
Music Story M-P Article

HATLEN, Ole 1942
To head Piano group here M- Article

HATLO, Jimmy 1941
Famous Comic Artise resumes L+P Article

HATT, R.B. - Warburg 1942
Joins Army S Article

HATT, Richard Boyce 1941
Alsike M- Wedding

HAUCA, A.P. 1942
Joins RCAF S Article

HAUCA, George G. 1943
Theft Charge M- Article

HAUCK, A.M. - Bodo 1942
Joins Army S Article

HAUER, August 1940
Bruderheim - Estate Notice S Death

HAUFF, Elsie 1941
Maidstone S Wedding

HAUFF, G.E. Mrs. 1941
Hosts Tea S+P Article

HAUFF, G.E.L. 1943
President Red Chevron Club M-P Article

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