Edmonton Papers 1940-1944

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HEBERT, Marie Blanche Therese 1941
M- Engagement

HEBERT, Marie Melina Mrs. (nee 1941
Winterburn 1924
M Death

HEBERT, Roger 1942
St. Roch de Richelieu, Queb. 1922
M- Death

HEBERT, Theresa 1942
M- Wedding

HEBNER, Alfred 1943
Boys find Machine guns M+P Article

HEBNER, Alfred 1943
Injured by Horses 1934
L Article

HECK, C.A. - Stettler 1941
Joins 14th Army Tank Battalion S Article

HECK, C.A. Tpr. 1942
Stettlers Missing now POW M- Article

HECK, Charles Tpr. 1942
Stettler/Gadsby - Dieppe POW'S M-P Article

HECK, G.A. - Stettler 1943
Volunteers for RCAF S Article

HECKBERT, C.T. - Vermilion 1942
Joins RCAF S Article

HECKBERT, C.T. - Vermilion 1943
Receive Wings S Article

HECKBERT, Carl - Vermilion 1942
Legion Officr says Criticism does not L Article

HECKBERT, Charles P/O 1943
Wigs presented by Father S.C. M Article

HECKBERT, G. - Vermilion 1941
Veteran Assistants can enlist men S Article

Sec-Treas. - Vermilion Agricultural M-P Article

HECKBERT, S. Carl - Vermillion 1943
Alberta Legion officers M-P Article

Provincial Command Legion meeting M- Article

HECKBERT, S.C. - Mannville 1940
Realitor in Running M Article

HECKBERT, S.C. - Vermilion 1941
Candidates for Legion Head M Article

HECKBERT, S.C. - Vermilion 1941
Heads Legion in Alberta M Article

HECKBERT, S.C. - Vermilion 1942
Legion helping Army week plans M-P Article

Men of Stettler Co. Enlist S Article

HECKLEMAN, Dena 1942
Talented young violinist M+P Article

HECKLEMAN, Dena Miss. 1941
Talented Violinist M-P Article

HECKLEMAN, Dora 1942
M- Engagement

HECKLEMAN, Dora Miss. 1942
Leaves for her wedding M- Article

HECKO, Pete 1940 1872 M Death

HECKO, Pete 1940
Clover Bar - Funeral 1872
L Article

HECKO, William Mrs. 1942
How to care for sick course M- Article

HECTOR, Samuel 1941
Recovering from Gas leak 1911
L Article

HEDGETTA, George Wing Comdr 1943
Chief Administrative officer M-P Article

HEDGETTS, George A. Wing Comdr 1943
Promoted M- Article

HEDIN, Gus 1942
Describes how saved five men L Article

HEDIN, Gustaf 1942
Northern Trapper gets Medal for M Article

HEDLEY, Albert 1943
M- Wedding

HEDLEY, Charlton 1942
M- Engagement

HEDLEY, Charlton 1943
L Wedding

HEDLEY, Charlton 1943
M-P Wedding

HEDLEY, Helen 1943
M- Wedding

HEDLEY, Helen Eleanor 1943
L+P Wedding

HEDLEY, Helen Eleanor 1943
M- Wedding

HEDLEY, J. Mr. 1943
Forest Hights 1873
M- Birth

HEDLEY, J. Mr. and Mrs. 1943
Grand Son visits John L. Briggs S Article

HEDLEY, James 1940
Divorce Action S Article

HEDLEY, James 1941
Divorce Action S Article

HEDLEY, John S. 1940
M- Wedding

HEDLEY, Mary 1941
Divorce Action S Article

HEDLEY, Mary Ernest 1940
Divorce Action S Article

HEDLEY, R.R. 1940
Vancouver, B.C. 1863
M- Death

HEDLIN, D.O. 1942
Appointed Farm Labor supervisor M- Article

HEDLIN, D.O. B.Sc 1941
Appointed Office Manager M-P Article

HEDLIN, William Alan - Brooks 1941
University Bursaries awarded S Article

HEDLUND, A. - Engineer 1941
Train Accident L Article

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