Edmonton Papers 1940-1944

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HEIBERG, S.A. LAC - Kinsman 1943
Airmen graduate Univesity Training S Article

HEIBERG, Severin A. - Kingman 1943
Volunteers for R.C.A.F. M Article

Yorkton, Sask. M Article

HEIBY, Elva Marie 1941
M- Engagement

HEIDAL, Abraham Rev. 1942
Repatriates tired, Happy after release L Article

HEIDAL, S.E. Mrs. 1942
Yeoford - new position M- Article

HEIDE, Isaac 1943
Prince Albert 1910
M Death

HEIDEBRECHT, Harold - Vermion 1941
Called to RCAF M- Article

HEIGELAND, K. Mr. and Mrs. - 1942
Mrs. E. Berg visits S Article

HEIGH, Laura Miss. 1942
Double Breaks Leg - Cold Lake M Article

HEIGHINGTON, Norman Dale 1941
S InMem

HEIGHINGTON, Norman Dale 1941 1936 M Death

HEIGHINGTON, Norman Dale 1943
S InMem

HEIGHINGTON, Phyllis Ruth 1942
L Wedding

HEIGHINGTON, Phyllis Ruth 1942
M- Wedding

HEIGHTINGTON, Norman Dale 1942
S InMem

HEIKENEN, William Pte. - Sylvan 1943
M- Wedding

HEIL, Florence Isobel (Mrs. Walter) 1942
Bridal Shower/Gathering L Article

HEIL, Walter 1942
M- Wedding

HEILEMAN, Mary 1942
Barrhead M Wedding

HEIM, Benjamin 1941
Lad 14, Takes Car goes on Joyride L Article

HEIM, Gertude - Edmonton 1941
1st Group Women to Training S Article

HEIMBECKER, H.L. - Rockyford 1941
Passes RCAF Course S Article

HEIMIG, William Mrs. 1941
Bawlf 1912
M- Death

HEIN, Erich 1940
Pouce Coupe M Wedding

HEIN, Ethel 1941
Divorce Action S Article

HEIN, Frank 1941
Divorce Action S Article

HEINE, Agnes Lottie 1943
M Death

HEINE, Agnes Lottie 1943
Funeral L Death

HEINE, Alphonse 1942
South Side fire M Article

HEINE, Milton Clarence 1943
L Wedding

HEINE, Milton Clarence 1943
M- Wedding

HEINE, Otto 1941
Knocked off Bicycle M- Article

HEINEMAN, Roy Mrs. 1943
Has Holiday baby S Article

HEINIG, Max Hugo 1942
Ryley 1884
M Death

HEINIG, Max Hugo 1942
Ryley 1884
S Death

HEINIK, John 1943
Dodds - Memorial Service S Article

HEINITZ, Edward N.J. Lieut 1943
Ex-Lethbridge Promoted M- Article

HEINRICH, Mary 1940
Sylvan Lake M- Wedding

HEINTZ, Arthur Ernest 1943
M- Wedding

HEINZ, Howard 1941
Philadelphia S Death

HEINZ, J. Mrs. - Rimbey 1942
Patient in Sanitarium S Article

HEIR, Gertrude 1941
20 Women leave for Training S+P Article

HEISE, Carl Victor 1941 1889 M Death

HEISE, Herman 1943
Funeral L Death

HEISE, Herman 1943 1869 M Death

HEISLER, Henry Hauck 1942
Victim Robbert M Article

HEISTEAD, Theodore 1941
Veteran 1865
M Death

HEISZ, Ina 1943
Donalda S Wedding

HEISZ, L.L. - Edmonton 1942
Joins Army S Article

HEIVNER, Peter 1943
Maclin, Sask. 1872
M- Death

HELEM, Frances - Olds 1943
Passes Military Course S Article

M- Wedding

HELFENSTEIN, A.A. - Thorsby 1942
Joins Army S Article

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