Edmonton Papers 1940-1944

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HERZOGG, Lawrence Tpr. 1942
Among Dieppe Missing S+P Article

HESLA, Nels 1943
Theft Charge 1908
M Article

HESLEP, Lonnie M. 1943
Edmoton - Volunteers for Army S Article

HESLEY, Stephen J. 1943
Assault Charge L Article

HESLIP, Lewis 1941
Enila 1877
M Death

HESLOP, Ada 1942
Greencourt 1877
M Death

HESLUP, Edith Muriel 1942
M- Wedding

HESLUP, Edith Muriel 1942
Millet M- Engagement

HESLUP, Jessie (Mrs. W.H.) 1940 1875 L Death

HESS, A. Mr. and Mrs. - Trochu 1941
On holiday trip S Article

HESS, Alvin AC 1942
Greenshields S Wedding

HESS, Clara Cecilia 1942
L Wedding

HESS, Evelyn 1942
Maidstone M- Wedding

HESS, Francis 1940
Three Hills M- Wedding

HESS, Herman C. 1941
45Th - Colinton M- Article

HESS, Mary 1941
Mannville S Wedding

HESS, May Muriel 1941
M- Wedding

HESS, W.H. Pte. 1942
All services help to sell bonds M-P Article

HESS, Walter J. - Clyde 1943
Small Biography M-P Article

HESSE, Frederick 1941
Busby M Death

HESSE, Frederick 1941
Estate Notice S Death

HESSEY, Jean Vernon 1941
L Wedding

HESSEY, Jean Vernon 1941
M Wedding

HESSEY, W.V. Mr. and Mrs. 1943
Ex-Residents return to reside M- Article

HESTERN, Iona 1942
L Wedding

HETHERINGTON, A. - Edmonton 1942
Joins RCAF S Article

HETHERINGTON, Andrew - Kellier 1942
Joins military Service M Article

HETHERINGTON, Cecil - Vermilion 1943
Volunteers for R.C.A.F. S Article

HETHERINGTON, John Sgt. - Red 1942
New Assignment M Article

HETHERINGTON, John Sgt. - Red 1942
Returns to Canada as instructor M Article

HETN, Rubin Rev. 1941
M- Engagement

HETT, S. Major - Prince Albert 1940
At Washington, D.C. M- Article

HETU, Bertha Mrs. 1943 1864 L Article

HETU, Bertha Mrs. 1943
Funeral 1864
L Death

HETU, Bertha Mrs. 1943
Vancouver/Ex-Edmonton L Death

HETU, Bertha Mrs. 1943
L Death

HEUER, E. Mrs. 1942
Grimshaw S Death

HEUER, M. - Hines Creek 1942
Joins Army S Article

HEUMAN, Harry - 11934 56 St. 1942
Injured in Vehicle Accident 1927
M- Article

HEUMAN, N.M. - Edmonton 1942
Cooks RCAF (WD) - Graduate S Article

HEUMAN, Nora M. 1943
Passes Military Course L Article

HEUMAN, Nora M. - Edmonton 1942
Joins RCAF (WD) S Article

HEUSEL, Marjory 1940
Medal Winner M Article

HEUTHER, G.T. Rev. 1941
Leaves on North Mission M Article

HEWES, Frederick Charles Sgt. 1943
D Article

HEWETSEN, H.W. Mrs. 1941
President Edmonton Handicraft Guild M-P Article

President Handicraft Guild L Article

HEWETSON, H.W. Mrs. 1941
Handicraft guild hostess M- Article

HEWETSON, H.W. Mrs. 1942
Canadian Handicraft guild display M-P Article

HEWETSON, H.W. Prof. 1942
Leaves for holiday S Article

HEWETSON, H.W. Prof. and Mrs. 1941
Mrs. J.C.C. Jamieson visits S Article

HEWETSON, H.W. Prof. and Mrs. 1942
Holiday S Article

HEWETSON, W.H. Mrs. 1942
Returns from extended trip S Article

HEWETT, T.B.T. Capt. And Mrs. 1940
Niece visits Miss. Betty Bartram M- Article

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