Edmonton Papers 1940-1944

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HOLOWACH, S. Mr. and Mrs. 1941
Daughter viits Dr. Jean Holowach M- Article

HOLOWACH, S.J. Mr. and Mrs. 1941
Daughter visits Dr. Jean Holowach S Article

HOLOWACH, Walter 1941
Vice-President Opera M- Article

HOLOWACH, Walter 1942
Music Festival Ad - S+P Article

HOLOWACH, Walter 1942
Music Story M-P Article

HOLOWATIUK, Paul Mr. and Mrs. 1942
Round Hill - 35th S Anniversary

HOLOWAYCHUK, H.S. - Smoky Lake 1942
Joins RCAF S Article

HOLOWAYCHUK, Kate (Mrs. 1940
Willingdon 1912
M Death

HOLOWAYCHUK, S.S. - Smoky Lake 1942
Joins Army S Article

HOLOWCHAK, Michael 1942
Noise at Wedding is Costly M Article

HOLOWCHAK, Nicholas - 1943
Volunteers for R.C.A.F. S Article

HOLOWCHAK, Nick - 8121 118 ave 1942
Buiding Permit issued S Article

HOLOWIECKI, Michael 1940
3x S InMem

HOLSINGER, Frederick Floyd 1943
M- Engagement

HOLSTEAD, J.H. Mr. and Mrs. 1943
Brother visits Dr. W.A. Redel M- Article

HOLSTLER, J. - Retired 1942
CPR Ex-Alberta Returns after visit S Article

HOLSWORTH, J.R. - Sylvan Lake 1943
Volunteers for RCAF S Article

HOLSWORTH, John Jr. - Sylvan Lake 1942
Joins RCAF S Article

HOLSWORTH, Richard 1941
Letter to Editor L Article

HOLT, A. - Egremont 1943
Volunteers for R.C.A.F. S Article

HOLT, A.A. LAC 1942
L Wedding

HOLT, A.A. LAC 1942
M- Wedding

HOLT, A.A. LAC and Mrs. 1942
Move from city S Article

HOLT, Aly 1940
Wardlow 1883
M Death

HOLT, Annie Mrs. 1941
Innisfail 1870
M- Death

HOLT, Archibald Alexander 1940
Volunteers for RCAF S Article

HOLT, C.G. - Lacombe 1942
Joins Army S Article

HOLT, Charles A. 1941
Innisfail M Death

HOLT, Earl Tpr - New Norway 1943
Home on leave S Article

HOLT, Edward J. 1943
M- Engagement

HOLT, F. Mr. and Mrs. 1941
Joseph Huxley RAF Visits M- Article

HOLT, H. Warden 1941
Opium sent Lethbridge prisoner L Article

HOLT, H.A. - Lloydminster 1942
Joins Army S Article

HOLT, Harry Alan - L/Sgt 1943
Wounded in Service S Article

HOLT, Harvey - Cold lake 1940
Joins Active Service M- Article

HOLT, Herbert Sir 1941
Montreal 1856
L Death

HOLT, J. 1941
Edmonton Sailors Group Photo S+P Article

HOLT, Jane - Wren 1943
Show Hard tack - Photo (GD-Sir M+P Article

HOLT, Jane Maria 1942
S InMem

HOLT, Judity Bjorg 1943
Albertans serving M-P Article

HOLT, Kenneth Collis Sgt.-Pilot 1942
Claresholm - Funeral M Death

HOLT, L. 1942
Vetran 1884
M- Death

HOLT, Lawrence - Edmonton 1943
Enlists In Army S Article

HOLT, M.M. - Lavoy 1942
Joins RCAF (WD) S Article

HOLT, N. Mr. andMrs. - Bashaw 1942
Home from trip S Article

HOLT, Oliver Mr. and Mrs. - New 1942
25Th S Anniversary

HOLT, P.W.R. - Killam 1942
Tales Recruits Post M- Article

HOLT, William - New Norway 1943
Vehicle Accident S Article

HOLTAN, F.E. - Westlock 1943
Awarded Wings S Article

HOLTAN, Frank 1941
Joins RCAF 1916
M- Article

HOLTAN, Frank - Westlock 1942
Recovers at home from injurys M- Article

HOLTAN, R.H. - Edmonton 1942
Passes RCAF Course S Article

HOLTAN, Ralph 1941
Joins RCAF 1920
M- Article

HOLTBY, K.W.N. - Wetaskiwin 1942
Given Commission S Article

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