Edmonton Papers 1940-1944

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HUGHES, Phil - Constable RCMP 1942
Flown back from Sunken Plane M Article

HUGHES, R. - Constable 1941
City police form Rifle Team M- Article

HUGHES, R.J. 1942
Re-Enact Scenes of Church History L Article

HUGHES, Robert 1942
Murder Charge - Vancouver 1923
M Article

HUGHES, Robert 1942
Vancouver - Murder Charge 1923
M Article

HUGHES, Robert Mr. and Mrs. 1942
Daughter visits F/L and Mrs. Bruce C. M- Article

HUGHES, Robert Mr. and Mrs. 1943
Daughter visits - Mrs. Bruce C. Ward M- Article

HUGHES, Sheila Marjorie - Calmar 1941
Wins Accedemic Medal M- Article

HUGHES, Stanley H. 1942
Mayerthorpe M- Wedding

HUGHES, Stanley LAC 1942
2x In Singapore Fight 1921
L+P Article

HUGHES, T. Mrs. 1941
Returns from Royal Purple Conference M- Article

HUGHES, T.M. 1943
S InMem

HUGHES, Thomas 1940
M- Engagement

HUGHES, Thomas Morys 1941 1872 L Death

HUGHES, Thomas Morys 1941
Funeral 1872
L Death

HUGHES, Vera 1943
L Wedding

HUGHES, Vera 1943
M- Engagement

HUGHES, Vera 1943
Bridal Shower/Gathering M Article

HUGHES, W.A. LAC and Mrs. 1941
Honored on Departure M- Article

HUGHES, Wallace Pte. - West 1941
Albertans on radio S Article

HUGHES, William 1941
Peace River L Death

HUGHES, Winifred Dr. 1943
Returns from Holiday S Article

HUGHES. C.G. - Edmonton, 1943
Joins Army S Article

HUGHSON, Bruce D. 1942
Stole Plane Gas 1917
M- Article

HUGHSON, I.S. Mrs. - Three hills 1942
Visitor Injured M- Article

HUGHSON, L.N. Rev. 1942
New Post M- Article

HUGHSON, Leonard Fife 1941
M Wedding

HUGHSON, Leonard Fife 1941
M- Wedding

HUGHSON, M.E. - Coronado 1942
Joins RCAF S Article

HUGHSON, R. - Edmonton 1943
Volunteers for RCAF S Article

HUGILL, J.E. Major 61st Battery 1943
Edmonton S Article

HUGILL, J.W. 1942
Daughter visits Miss. Ellen Hugill M- Article

HUGILL, J.W. KC 1943
Officers promoted M+P Article

HUGILL, John Templeton 1943
L Wedding

HUGILL, John Templeton 1943
Out of town Wedding Guests M- Article

HUGILL, John Templeton Capt. 1943

HUGILL, John Templeton Capt. 1943
M- Engagment

HUGILL, W.J. Mr. and Mrs. KC 1941
Son visits Capt. J.T. Hugill M- Article

HUGLE, Valma 1941
Theft charge L Article

HUGO, John Mr. and Mrs. 1943
50th Three Hills M- Anniversary

HUIE, Isabella 1940
M- Engagement

HUIE, Isabella 1940
M- Wedding

HUKALO, J. 1942
CNR - Returns from holiday S Article

HUKALO, J. - CNR 1942
Holidays S Article

HUKILL, Goda Hazel Mrs. 1941 1889 M- Death

HULAND, C.H. LAC - Edmonton 1942
Albertans on Radio S Article

HULBERG, I.C. - Leedale 1942
Joins RCAF S Article

HULBERT, C.W. Mrs. 1942
Returns from holiday S Article

HULBERT, Francis C. 1943
Victom Assault L Article

HULBERT, Francis C. 1943
Assault Charge M Article

HULBERT, Francis C. 1943
Assault Charge L Article

HULBERT, Francis C. 1943
Arrested after fight L Article

HULBERT, John Alexander Pte. 1941
Forged Documents Charge L Article

HULBERT, Ralph 1941
Funeral 1854
L Death

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