Edmonton Papers 1940-1944

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HUMENIUAK, S. - Vegreville 1942
Joins Army S Article

HUMENIUK, J. - Musidora 1942
Joins RCAF S Article

HUMENIUK, Mike 1941
Assault Charge M- Article

HUMENIUK, W. - Musidora 1942
Joins RCAF S Article

HUMFORD, Cliff 1943
Albertans in Service 1921
M+P Article

HUMFORD, Laurence 1943
Albertans in Service 1919
M+P Article

HUMFORD, S. Mr. and Mrs. 1943
2 sons in Uniform M+P Article

HUMM, Charles - Clyde 1942
Joins RCAF S Article

HUMM, William Mrs. 1940
Clyde 1871
M Death

HUMPHREY, Barbara M. - Calgary 1941
Pass Medical Exams S Article

HUMPHREY, Barbara Miss. BA 1941
Degree of Dr. in Medicine M+P Article

HUMPHREY, Clifford L. - Edmonton 1942
Passes RCAF Course with honors 1920

Appointed manager in East M Article

Three Hills 1861
M Death

HUMPHREY, M.A. - Pte. - Redliffe 1943
CWAC Pass Course S Article

HUMPHREY, Percy 1941
Returns from holiday S Article

HUMPHREY, Robert Wilson 1943
M- Engagement

HUMPHREY, Robert Wilson 1943
M- Wedding

HUMPHREY, Thomas C. Lieut 1943
Albertians in service M-P Article

New Official for Abasand Oils M Article

Home from Hospital M- Article

HUMPHREYS, Elizabeth Ann Mrs. 1943
Funeral L Death

HUMPHREYS, Erica Joyce 1942
M- Wedding

HUMPHREYS, Erica Joyce 1942
M Wedding

HUMPHREYS, Ernest 1941
Winnipeg - Ex-Cpr 1869
M- Article

HUMPHREYS, Florence A. (Mrs. H. 1941
L Death

HUMPHREYS, Florence A. (Mrs. H. 1941
M Death

HUMPHREYS, K.M. - Picture Butte 1941
Passes RCAF Course S Article

HUMPHREYS, Kathleen Mrs. 1941
London M Death

HUMPHREYS, Robert 1943
Leaves for College S Article

HUMPHREYS, William Mrs. 1941
Whitelaw - Leaves to join husband M- Article

HUMPHRIES, A.A. Mrs. 1940
Daughter visits Mrs. Joseph Kostelec S Article

HUMPHRIES, Doreen 1940
M- Wedding

HUMPHRIES, Elizabeth Ann 1943
M Death

HUMPHRIES, Elizabeth Ann (Mrs. 1943
M Death

HUMPHRIES, Elizabeth Eileen 1942
Beautiful Children photo 1940
M-P Article

HUMPHRIES, H.L. - Edmonton 1941
Passes RCAF Course S Article

HUMPHRIES, Harold Mr. and Mrs. 1941
Miss. Irma Smith and Barbara M- Article

HUMPHRIES, Harry Lancaster P.O. 1942
Active Service L Death

HUMPHRIES, Marion - Aidersyde 1941
Cowboys Injured - Cagary 1919
M Article

HUMPHRIES, Phyllis Verdine 1940
M- Wedding

HUMPHRIES, S.R. - Edmonton 1942
Joins RCAF S Article

HUMPHRYS, Erica Miss. 1941
Instructor of Alberta Women's M Article

HUMPPIE, Marvin 1942
Yule Jail Guest to stay long M Article

HUNCHAK, Peter W. 1942
Lamont 1902
L Death

HUNCHAK, Wasyl 1943
(Age?) 1861
M Death

HUNDBERG, John 1941
Bentley 1856
M- Death

HUNGAR, Fred 1940
Navy Cooks/Stewards leave M- Article

HUNGENBERG, J.W. Carman - CNR - 1942
Retires S Article

CNR Officers - Montreal L+P Article

hunik, f. - Webster 1943
Volunteers for R.C.A.F. S Article

HUNKA, Anna 1942
Law Suit L Article

HUNKA, Annie Miss. - 9551 106 A 1941
Condition improves M- Article

HUNKA, E. - Edmonton 1943
Volunteers for RCAF S Article

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