Edmonton Papers 1940-1944

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HUNTER, Leslie C. - Fort St. John 1943
Five in family Serving M Article

HUNTER, Leslie Cpl. 1941
Fusiliers go to Fort St. John on leave S Article

HUNTER, Louis V. 1943
Maidenhead, Eng L Wedding

HUNTER, M. Mrs. - Sylvan Lake 1942
Leave for winter S Article

HUNTER, M. Spr Invalided home - 1941
Westlock S Article

HUNTER, M.C. - Vermilion 1943
Joins Army S Article

HUNTER, M.E. - Drumheller 1942
Graduates as 2nd Lieut. S Article

HUNTER, M.H. - Mrs. - Sylvan Lakd 1941
Returns from trip S Article

HUNTER, M.M. Lieut - Calgary (Or 1942
Promoted M-P Article

HUNTER, Malcolm - 8232 101 St. 1942
Vehicle Accident M Article

HUNTER, Margaret 1941
Visits Miss. Helen Robb M- Article

HUNTER, Marlene Diane 1943
(Infant) 1943
M Death

HUNTER, Mary Delmege 1940
M- Wedding

HUNTER, Mary Delmege 1940
M- Engagement

HUNTER, Mary Dr. 1942
Proposes Increase Health Measures L Article

HUNTER, Maude 1940
Bridal Shower/Gathering M Article

HUNTER, Maurice Mrs. 1943
Sister visits Miss. Aurelia Tuffy S Article

HUNTER, Narien Maxine 1943
M- Engagement

HUNTER, P. Mr. and Mrs. 1942
Brother-in-law visit Rev. Townshend M- Article

HUNTER, Percy 1941
Edson - Resently Enlisted S Article

HUNTER, R.H. 1940
Soon to Graduate - Air Observer S+P Article

HUNTER, R.H. Cpl. - Westlock 1942
Awarded Wings M- Article

HUNTER, R.J. - Bon Accord 1941
Passes RCAF Course S Article

HUNTER, Ralph H. Mrs. 1941
Westlock - Leaves to join husband M- Article

HUNTER, Raymond Hunter L/Cpl. 1943
L Wedding

HUNTER, Raymond Hunter L/Cpl. 1943
M- Wedding

HUNTER, Raymond L/Cpl 1943
L Wedding

HUNTER, Robert - 11531 101 St. 1942
Issued building permit S Article

HUNTER, Robert C.A. P/O 1941
Trained in city - Missing L Article

HUNTER, Robert James 1942
M- Wedding

HUNTER, Robert James 1942
Ex-Calgary M Wedding

HUNTER, Robert Lieut. 1942
Home on leave M- Article

HUNTER, Robert Mrs. - Garneau 1943
Visits son Capt. Watson Hunter S Article

HUNTER, S.A. - Sunnybrook 1942
Joins RCAF S Article

HUNTER, T. Mr. and Mrs. 1941
Son visits LAC Thomas Hunter M- Article

HUNTER, Thomas 1941
Clover Bar 1901
M Death

HUNTER, Thomas 1941
Clover Bar - Funeral 1906
L Article

HUNTER, Thomas Cpl. 1943
L Wedding

HUNTER, Thomas Cpl. 1943
M- Wedding

HUNTER, Trennie 1943
Winnipeg - Nursing Sister returns S Article

HUNTER, Trennie - Winnipeg 1943
Nuring in Sicily War L Article

HUNTER, Trennie Lieut. - Winnipeg 1943
First girls reach Sicily L Article

HUNTER, W.G.A. Sgt. 1942
Arrives England M-P Article

HUNTER, Walter Capt. 1940
Enters Third War L Article

HUNTER, Walter Capt. MM 1943
Albertans in Service M-P Article

HUNTER, Watson 1941
Photo in England M-P Article

hunter, Watson Capt. 1942
In England L Wedding

HUNTER, Watson Lieut. 1941
Officers arrive England S Article

HUNTER, Watson T. Lieut. 1941
Edmonton Officers with Tanks S+P Article

HUNTER, Watson T. Lieut. 1942
Edmonton men enjoying England S+P Article

HUNTER, William 1941
Vermilion - Injured in foot 1926
M Article

HUNTER, William - Vancouver 1940
Sees afer 22 years blindness L Article

HUNTER, William Bruce 1943
M- Engagement

HUNTER, William Bruce P/O 1940
Of Saskatoon - Overseas M Death

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