Edmonton Papers 1940-1944

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HYNDMAN, Charles A. 1943
Visited by Justice J.D. Hyndman M- Article

HYNDMAN, D.W. Mr. and Mrs. 1940
Mrs. T.C. Phillips visis S Article

HYNDMAN, D.W. Mr. and Mrs. 1940
Mrs. T.C. Phillips visits S Article

HYNDMAN, H.H. Lieut 1940
Edmonton native in Oran Battle M Article

HYNDMAN, Harry - Ex-Edmonton 1941
Believed aboard Hood on sinking L Article

HYNDMAN, Harry Mrs. 1941
Ex-Edmonton visits S Article

HYNDMAN, Harry Mrs. 1943
Ex-Edmonton visit M- Article

HYNDMAN, J.D. Justice 1942
Appointed Administrator of Rental M-P Article

HYNDMAN, J.D. Mrs. 1943
visits - Ex-Edmontonian M- Article

HYNDMAN, Justic 1941
Son visits Louis Hyndman M- Article

HYNDMAN, Justice 1941
War time prices and Trade board M-P Article

HYNDMAN, L.D. 1940
Appointed King's Counsel S+P Article

HYNDMAN, L.D. 1940
New Edmonton Kings Councils M- Article

HYNDMAN, L.D. 1941
Citiziens Committee M-P Article

HYNDMAN, L.D. 1943
Named for Probe M Article

HYNDMAN, L.D. K.C. 1943
Nominated by union miners M-P Article

HYNDMAN, Louis Davis KC 1941
Public School board Candidate S+P Article

HYNDMAN, Primrose 1942
Cousin to attend wedding Lt. Harry M- Article

HYNDMAN, Primrose 1942
L Wedding

HYNDMAN, Primrose Miss. 1941
Returns to school after holiday S Article

HYNDMAN, Primrose Miss. 1942
In Charge of Catering IODE M-P Article

HYNDMAN, Thomas Patrick Sgt.- 1942
Ex-City - Overseas L Death

HYNDMAN, W.R. 1942
Victoria - Army commissions Granted S Article

HYNES, Mildred 1943
Bridal Shower/Gathering M- Article

HYNES, Mildred Bernadette 1943
L Wedding

HYREROD, Hector Major and Mrs. 1942
Honored on Departure M- Article

HYSEL, Rose 1941
Lamont S Wedding

HYSLOP, Murray 1943
Promoted to Pilot officers M- Article

HYSLOP, Murray C. Sgt.-Pilot 1942
Albertans in Service M-P Article

HYSLOP, S. 1942
CNR - Temporary work location S Article

HYSLOP, S. - CNR 1942
Back to work S Article

HYSLOP, William 1941
Glendon - Leaves for Coast M Article

HYSTAD, Bjarne 1940
M- Wedding

HYSTAD, Marie Elizabeth 1943
L Wedding

HYSTAD, Marie Elizabeth 1943
M- Wedding

IBBOTSON, A. Lieut 1942
To take military course M- Article

IBBOTSON, A. Lieut 1942
Officers new Fusiliers Active service S Article

IBBOTSON, A. Sgt. 1942
Fusiliers win commissions S Article

IBBOTSON, Alfred 1943
Graduates in Officers Exams S Article

IBBOTSON, Alfred 2nd Lieut 1942
Join 2nd Battalion Fusiliers - Being S Article

IBBOTSON, Alleyne Charles 1942
M- Wedding

IBBOTSON, Alleyne Charles 1942
At Lloydminster M Wedding

IBBOTSON, F. Mrs. 1941
Honored on Departure M Article

IBLE, Arthur - CNR 1941
Joins Navy S Article

IBLE, Fred - Innisfail 1942
Visits Parents Joseph Ible M- Article

IBLE, Fred Mr. and Mrs. 1942
Visit J. Ible S Article

IBLE, J. - CNR 1941
Holiday S Article

IBLE, J. - Edmonton 1942
Joins Army S Article

IBLE, Joe - CNR 1941
Son return from trip - William S Article

IBLE, Joseph Pte. 1942
M- Engagement

IBLE, Joseph Pte. 1942
M- Wedding

IBLE, Joseph Pte. 1942
At Clover Bar L Wedding

IBLE, Joseph Shop Employe and 1942
Son visits Stoker Arthur Ible M- Article

IBLE, Mildred Francis 1942
M- Wedding

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