Edmonton Papers 1945-1949

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HADLEY, Floyd A. 1946
Styal L Wedding

HADLEY, R.W. "Buddy" Cpl. 1945
2x S InMem

HADLEY, T.P. Mrs. Arrives Australia 1945
(nee Pappas) M+P Article

HAEBER, Edward 1949
Finedfor Robbery L Article

HAEBERIE, D.B. Pte. – Halkirk 1945
S Article

HAEBERLE, J.W. Pte. - Killam 1945
S Article

HAECHELE, Emmett - Ferintosh 1945
S Article

HAEN, D.R. Pte. - Miller L Edmn R/or 1945
S Article

HAENSCHKE, Emma Hedy 1945
L Wedding

HAFNER, Ilah Botha 1945
L Wedding

HAFSO, Anna Ingrid 1945
M- Wedding

HAFSO, N.G. Cpl. – Viking RCAF - 1945
S Article

HAFSO, O.S. P/O - Viking Returning 1945
S Article

HAFSO, Thorlief John 1946
L Wedding

HAGAN, Carrie A. 1946
S InMem

HAGAN, Donald Graham 1948
Ex-Spruce Grove M- Engagement

HAGAN, Ermal m. Edmonton - Gets 1945
S Article

HAGAN, G.A. Spr. – Peace River 1945
S Article

HAGAN, G.B. Pte. – Red Willow 1945
S Article

HAGAN, Kathleen Ayres 1945
Spruce Grove M- Engagement

HAGAN, Kathleen Ayres 1946
M- Engagement

HAGAN, Kathleen Ayres Spruce 1945
M- Engagement

HAGAN, Palmer T. 1945
Donalda M- Engagement

HAGAN, Palmer T. Camrose 1945
M- Engagement

HAGE, Hetty 1945
Gorinchem, Holand M- Engagement

HAGE, Hetty Gorinchem, Holand 1945
M- Engagement

HAGEN, Alfred Driver Service for 1945
S Article

HAGEN, Annie (Mrs. Samuel 1945
Funeral - Stony Plain L Death

HAGEN, Annie (Mrs. Samuel 1945
Stony Plain M Death

HAGEN, Betty Jean Trophy Winner - 1945
L Article

HAGEN, C.R. Mrs. - Millet Returns 1945
M- Article

HAGEN, Carrie A. (Mrs. H.G.) 1945
Funeral - Spruce Grove L Death

HAGEN, Carrie A. (Mrs. H.G.) 1945
Spruce grove M Death

HAGEN, D.R. Pte. - Millet L Edmn R - 1945
S+P Article

HAGEN, Donalda Barbara 1949
M- Engagement

HAGEN, Gwendolyn Ione 1945
M- Engagement

HAGEN, Gwendolyn Ione 1945
L Wedding

HAGEN, Helen Margaret 1947
M- Engagement

HAGEN, Joan Runs into truck - 1945 1938 M- Article

HAGEN, Joann Phyllis 1949
M- Engagement

HAGEN, Olaf Walter 1946
Hagen M- Engagement

HAGEN, Oline Marthea (Mrs. Ole) 1945
Bardo 1865
M Death

HAGEN, Olive Martha Dodds 1945 1856 M Death

HAGEN, P.W. P/O - Forestburg RCAF 1945
S Article

HAGEN, Palmer Camrose 1945
L Wedding

HAGEN, Robert J. Mr. and Mrs. - 1945
M Article

HAGER, Abraham Rev. 1947 1858 M Death

HAGER, Norman Philips 1948
Vancouver, B.C. M- Wedding

HAGER, Norman Phillips 1948
Vancouver, B.C. M- Engagement

HAGER, Raymond 1947
M- Engagement

HAGERMAN, Douglas Reid 1947
Reno, Nevada M- Engagement

HAGERMAN, R.C. Pte. Returns from 1945
S Article

HAGERUD, Gerhard 1946
Mirror Landing 1882
M Death

HAGG, Gustave 1949
Lisburne M Death

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